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03-11-2007, 20:14:48
Hello Everyone,

I'd thought to share a very good idea of online movie making...
After I start this, somebody just post your continuing ideas...

In a metro, some woman's bare feet under a white long skirt, the camera is always focused on the feet...
As the subway goes into the tunnels, the screen becomes dark, and when it's dark, the names of the actors or the Director are shown and when it becomes visible again, the camera shows the bare feet, and so the feet start walking and they stop...
Then the camera focuses on the woman's face, it's a very beautiful brunette who goes near a young man and touches him in the forehead (He's asleep) and it says him: Wake up!
And he realy wakes up and realises it was only a dream and that woman was his ex. Wife murdered.... but he's realy on subway ... but it's empty

Now somebody post a continue the idea....

03-15-2007, 00:44:59
He sits up rubbing the sleep out of his face.
The speaker says something about the next stop, but you can only barely hear it.
He looks around, then lays his head back on his shoulders and stares at the ceiling.
The subway stops and he gets off.

He walks up the escalator and into an empty, dark street.
Looks at his watch, camera zooming in on it; it's 4:25 AM
He starts walking past the few cars driving around in the city
Zooming out on the city, seen from the air.
Then comes the movie title with dark background

03-15-2007, 18:53:05
(WOW...We should make a movie together :):):))

The title screen goes off and the next screen is of that man walking towards the main street, Calls a cabs, gives him an address and it goes...

Next Screen: The cab stops in front of a hotel
The man walks out, pays the cab driver and gets into the hotel:
The whole time he didin't speak when he suddently: A room please...
The hotel employe: Here sir, room 501, your keys...
The man gets into the elevator, goes to his room and walks in...
It's a very lovely hotel room and he immediatly goes to sleep...

In the middle of the night, he sees a dream about his wife and the whole time of the dream he hears a knock...
When he's waking up he thinks: When you're waking up the world is a blur
No Surreal rescues,no easy magic way-out
Wat was clear in a dream,suddently makes
no sense.....but you are awake....

Then he wakes up and the knock was real...
He gets up to open the door....

(Now somebody continue :))

03-15-2007, 19:05:54
(maybe :wink: I wanna be the star actress then :P)

A woman he doesn't know is standing outside in a fancy, but very short and revealing dress.
Before he can ask she's inside and says "I need to talk to you!"
He looks at her very confused and says, "Gee, okay, but who the heck are you?!"
She frowns and says "You'll see"
Then she orders him to get dressed and then drags him out into the hallway.

Next shot outside in the street:
She walks fast. The man just stands there, but then begins to catch up!
"Wait! Where are you going?"
"Don't ask questions, they'll be answered later!"
He tries to ask again, but she turns on him and yells "PATIENCE!" The whole street's looking at her and he says "Allright, allright, just don't just... stand here!"
She then keeps walking for a long way in silence

03-15-2007, 19:38:22
(Okay, and I am the leading role :P)

edit: They continue walking and they stop at a bar:

Woman: We've been waiting for you....
Man: What do you mean? And tell me who are you?
Woman: Who am I is not that important...I know why you are here
Man: I don't understand...
Woman: We know all about you... Here, you're gonna need this (hands him a 9mm gun :))
Man: Wait a minute.... Handing me a gun in the middle of a public bar? What is going on?

(Before he can finish that, she dissapearm in the shadowy background....)

03-15-2007, 20:07:13
He just stands there looking into where the woman went, but she's gone.
He grunts, throws the gun into the nearest trashcan and starts walking back to the hotel, thinking this must all be a prank from one of his many aquintances
A car suddenly pulls over and stops in the middle of the walking road.
A guy opens the door ad yells "Get in!"
Our man says "what the..." before someone hits him from behind and it all blacks out...

He wakes up in a small, dark room with a leeche around his leg.
He groans and feels his head, it's hurting like hell.
He takes a look around and sees the oman from before sitting by a table.
She's laughing while looking down.
He looks angrily at her and is about to tell her to shut up when...
"DON'T!" She says "Even say so! It's your own fault; you should have listened to me!"

03-15-2007, 20:25:12
(I'm out of ideas :haha::P, but if you have some: post 'em :) Just don't add kissing scene just like you told me on MSN :P 'Cuz his wife just got murdered for god's sake :P)

03-15-2007, 20:30:44
Yeh, that's why he's weak, you see :P And that was 2 years ago, he just didn't get fully over her

He will by the end of the movie :wink:

03-15-2007, 20:47:03
I agree :) He's gotta fall in love sometime :P

03-15-2007, 22:31:25
(I'll do it my way, then :wink:)

She starts walking towards him, he looks down...
"Don't be this way" She says "You're not this weak!"
"Shut up!" he says"You've no idea what I've..."
"I know perfectly well what you've been through! Get yourself together, allready! People die, you can't stop them!"
She grabs his cheek, lifts it and kisses him
He gets surprised and caught up in the moment, so he kisses her back

Next scene:
Both lying in the same bed
He's sleeping
She rises, gets dressed and walks out of the room

03-16-2007, 19:29:31
Noooo, I can't belive they slept together, I'm thinking not addind sexual scenes on the movie becouse I told you about this mans personality :P

03-17-2007, 22:39:13
You told other people to continue the story, so I really don't think you can complain about what they write :wink: If you want to you're more than welcome to change it to just you writing the story, cos then you can do whatever you want :)

03-18-2007, 18:45:29
(edited) Okay, you can do whatever you want :P

05-03-2007, 03:22:34
I had to multi-post so I can BUMP this thread :D

Any other ideas :?

05-03-2007, 10:47:38
Can I continue?

He also gets dressed & walks to the restaurant.
He walks to a table, and sits down.
Then the waiter comes this his table, and says:
"Here is your order, sir". And he puts a salad bowl at his table.
"I Didn't ask for this!" the man says, but the waiter seems to be gone already.
The man just eats the salad, and while the bowl is almost empty, he notices a note in the bowl. "Sunny Beach bar - 13:00".

Next scene

The man is walking at the street, he looks in a mirror, to check if his hair is ok. Then he sees a woman behind him. "Helen?" The man says.
And when the man looks behind him, no ones there.
He decides to walk to the Sunny Beach bar, Once there, a woman with not very much clothing calls his name. "That's me" the man says.
Without saying anything the woman goes to the back of the bar, The man follows. "So, you found the note, rick?" The woman says.
"How do you know my name?" the man says.
Without answering the woman hands rick a package.
"Here, take this" she says.

[Now you guys can continue]
And?? What do you guys think of it?

05-08-2007, 17:41:13
I love it Wirodeu :hug2:

Okay then, I'll continue

Erick takes the package, goes to his hotel and starts opening it. As soon as he opens it he freezes. It was a bomb. He starts running towards the balcony. The bomb explodes and he grabs one of the balcony iron bars. His legs are facing the cars down, and the people gathered to see what happened. He finaly menages to get up and starts walking towards the door. Out of nowhere, someone throws a granade from the blast opened door. Erick quickly runs and kicks the granade throwing it outside. Suddently all the hotel lights go out. Erick hides behind a wall in his room. There come 3 men with Night vision googles from the front door. Erick gets into the balcony again and jumps into his neighbours balcony, smashes the window. Thru' the room and in the hotel hallway. He takes the stairs but he realises there are more men from downstairs. He runs toward the elevator where the door is almost closed. He grabs the door and realises there is a man on the elevator. It was an elegant man, with white suit. He gets inside the elevator and the door closes... Boom... The man hits Erick with the gun in the head. Erick falls unconscious...

Any other ideas...?

05-09-2007, 13:29:52
Very Good, Hitman! :hug2:
Maybe you can change Erick To Rick, Cuz that's his name :P

The next day, rick wakes up...
He looks around him, and sees that he's at a factory.
All the windows are closed, and covered with planks.
"So... Did you really think you can escape us?"
Rick looks at the door, and sees the man from the elevator.
"What do you want of me!?" Rick asks.
"I want to know where's helen's ring is!"
Rick, who is wearing the ring, since helen was killed, Hides the ring.
"I don't know, probally stolen by the guy who killed her!"
"Hmm... The murder didn't take her ring, BECAUSE YOU DID! You sat next to her in the train, while I gave her the coffee! Don't you remember me?"
Rick thinks, and remembers, he was the guy who killed his wife, then rick took her ring, off her hand, And ran away.
"You son of a bitch! YOU KILLED HER!!!"
Rick runs to the man, but the man points his gun at rick.

Anyone else can continue! :)

05-09-2007, 20:16:03
Well done Wiro :hug2: Erick seemed more appropriate, but Rick it is :D

Rick freezes. There is nothing he can do. A gun is fired. The White Suit man falls down. Suddently an asian girl appears from the dark. Quick! We must go - she says. Rick is surprised but there is nothing he can do so he follows her. Wait - says Rick. I must be sure that bastard is dead. They go to the room they were before but surprisingly, the White Suit man is gone. Just some spilled blood. They decide to go out. The asian girl leads and when they're finaly out, they hear the sirens of the police. It seems that she called them. But she gets on a bike, puts her helmet on and says: See you around Rick. She burnsout her bike as Rick says: Wait!

Your turn Wiro :D

05-12-2007, 09:43:30
The asian girl bikes away, to the road, but she falls, because the road is very slippy.
The police is coming with high speed, and accidentily ride her over.
She dies inmediatly. Rick takes a taxi home.
Once he's there, his daughter is sitting on the sofa.
"Why are you already back, daddy?" She asks.
"Well emma, I got to tell you something..."
"We're going to somewhere else! We're not safe her."
"But daddy! I don't want to go!"
Rick calls a taxi, and walks to the door.
"If you wanna stay alive, come with me!"

05-13-2007, 19:47:56
(Wiro, the asian girls falls down and the police car ... on her? :what: :what:)

(Gonna continue soon...)

05-14-2007, 11:36:15
(The police car, rides her over... (How else do you say that? :?))

05-14-2007, 11:40:27
(Yes, but that seems very unprofessional .... from her of course. She can't fall from a bike, she's a pro right :?)

05-14-2007, 11:45:00
(I edited it...)

05-14-2007, 12:02:26
(She's a killer but anyway... things happen, right? :what:)

Before the taxi arrives, Rick decides to take a look at the ring. He checks the ring carefuly only to realise something he didn't see before. There was a gravure on the ring saying: I never sinned Rick starts thinking but he has no time becouse the taxi just arrived. He gets on the taxi with his daughter and he goes to his sister (Emma's aunt). As they get there, it was very late so they go to sleep. Rick is on the bathroom going to turn off the light. He examines the ring again and he was in front of a giant bathroom mirror. ''I never sinned'' spelled backwards ''Dennis Reveni'' He decides to check for that name later that morning ...