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05-18-2013, 13:09:50
Ancient Temple Escape is a new point and click room escape game by flash512.You're trapped inside an ancient temple and find some useful items to solve some puzzles to escape.

Play (http://www.flash512.com/esc-games/escape61/)

05-18-2013, 15:45:04
Had to restart as my 4 digit code didn't work 1st time...

Look closely at bottom of the door:cattail:

old biker
05-18-2013, 16:19:04
very good game ,but hints very hard to see

05-18-2013, 16:40:59
D, L, R, L, U
Stuck now with 4 digit code and it isn't working either
Not sure if I am in the mood to restart :(

05-30-2013, 22:54:00
Found awl, solved 4-dials puzzle, now have stone clue and now brick.
I 'thought' R/S = 6, L/S=4 and then spin top until number above exit door.
Now have chain and metal ring.
Used ring and now have stone button.
Used stone button; now have key and now monster tooth.
L/S of altar between pillars.
Placed tooth, now have white peg. Installed and spun to get handle.
Spin all the same until door opens.
Installed chain & handle and now have crystal. Placed to get 4-digit code.
Entered code to get SD.
Not sure where to use...?
Entered arrow combo (thanks @Yvonne...clue was much too tiny to see).
Used handle, then SD and now have door key.
The End! Wonderful game except for the arrow clue.

05-31-2013, 14:31:27
Code not working... not restarting... :(

06-01-2013, 06:33:00
I keep pointing and clicking when I should be clicking and dragging! Aarggh!

06-01-2013, 07:31:35
I keep pointing and clicking when I should be clicking and dragging! Aarggh!

I have a sticky note on my monitor saying Flash512 drag and drop...:lol::cattail:

06-02-2013, 19:15:10
Very nice game, although it took me over 20 minutes to solve it.