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Chapter one: The happy days (Well sort of!)
"Blinking hell!" I yelled "The cats gone and bloomin' bit me again!" My hand started to bleed as the ripped skin tore more, I could almost feel my eyes water, then tiny dots of sadness trickled down my face. I heard large footsteps head toward me, I turned round as slow as a snail to discover my dad staring angrily at me. His beard looked grizzlier than ever, I was kind of- no scratch that- I was scared!
"What on earth is all that noise? It's 9 o'clock, mums finally managed to get Archie asleep as well as in bed and you've gone and woken him up!" He looked immensely cross, I just hoped mum would walk in and tell me not to worry and see if my hand was alright. But after a few seconds she still hadn't so I thought I'd say something as if I were my brother, NOT clever of me!!!
However I didn't think clearly then, and before I even realised I decided to act like my brother, so I thought deeply but quickly about what he would say, and I came up with this; "Well dad there is a number of errors in your comment." I started to say, since brother is rather pedantic but my hand began to throb like hell, I tried to ignore it, my plane didn't last long though. However I decided to continue speaking to this toad in front of me. "First off, for the record, it's 4minutes till 9 so when you spoke it was roughly 5minutes till 9. Then-" I noticed dad wasn't so happy with my comment so I stopped abruptly!
Dad looked bored then he noticed I had finished speaking "Ah, so you decided to stop gabling on about nothing well done!" He said as if I was a baby quite annoyingly! "Any how have you got a good excuse for the racket you just produced that woke your baby brother - wait is your hand bleeding?!" His face changed from an annoying baby face to an evil- you will pay- face then finally to an are you ok? Face.
"Don't worry about my hand it's just a little cut. Also about the noise well uuum..." I thought my hand was fine, so I didn't think anything of it as I had not noticed it was bleeding massive amount of fresh blood. Additionally about my screaming what should I have said then? I was stumped, since I would of bet a billion dad would of just told me off more if I said what really happen! Luckily, well what I thought at first, mum entered the gloomy kitchen room (it wasn't really gloomy, in fact it was very nice. However I felt gloomy so the room seemed to change to my emotion)...
She stared at me, the stare she can't really control, when she is tired from a long day at her job- George- and annoyed with whoever or whatever woke her screaming baby. It's scary and tormenting, sometimes even- including that time- embarrassing. I was shocked however I understood immoderately well that mum was tired and was annoyed with me. My hand wildly palpitated like a balloon, getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger, then finally POP it explodes. It almost seemed like my hand was going to just POP, along with flesh and blood and veins and body parts, in actual fact it felt like I was going to POP!! Any how before I could have a second thought about hands exploding and bones spinning crazily around the blood filled room my mind was interrupted by an impatient bitter father.
"If I have to ask you one more time it's bed immediately!" My dad gobbled and repeated a few times. At first I could here him well and then as quick as wind I couldn't, I felt dizzy, then noticed my hand was bleeding heaps of bright red blood. That didn't seem right I could swear that day I fainted to the floor was the day the cat became a VAMPIRE!!...

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Chapter two: Vampire cat!
What? Where? Why? What cat? Where am I? Why am I here? Them questions where the questions that stuck with me my whole experience with my so called 'Vampire cat'. This series of hill-billy-hell is crazy scary, but most importantly true! That word is but the most catastrophic, bad luck, worst word to mention in my series of horror. However you need to know so I repeat: this really is true!!
So the luck of which was bad came from a minor bite caused by my own cat. I couldn’t understand it, there is no such thing as a killing cat especially not a vampire cat. It would seem that poison had somehow been passed through my blood system. What ever it was it knocked me out cold...
The bite was tiny not a tall harmful (if from a ordinary cat). An ordinary cat, just a simple black cat would of been lovely- no scratch that- it would of been perfect! But that cat, the cat I new from birth was but a killing cat, why not just the cat I thought it was; A warm cosy, cuddly cat but no, it had to be a 'vampire cat'!
It was my cat. My cat. My cat. The cat who always would come up to you and stroke his smooth dark fur against your leg and purr sweet sounding music. Moreover when you woke up he would be lying in bed with you ready for a early morning wake up stroke. Every day as I felt his velvety flowing coat his shadowy fur seemed to stroke me back and light up in glee. Nevertheless that day I was mowed down the cat of which I explained how much I loved grinned an evil laugh...
When the bite struck me at first I was fine, regardless of that though after what only felt like a few seconds my hand was almost completely infected and I was practically as white as a white board (Trust me if you've seen my white board- since I never play with it- it's extremely white!). It was then that my last memories of life, my last memories with my family, my last memories with the world were soon to go...
My last views were of things going not quite right... I fell that was the last of real life but then came.... Who knows? Our family fridge- which is way enormous as it is- started to wobble. During such jelly like effects I got lost and didn't notice it had been getting bigger in fact much bigger almost three times bigger, poking the top of the fridge straight through the roof!
Don't believe me? Don't trust me? You best close this small book and walk away, go on pretend you never touched it, just forget it, hide the truth that is revealed in this mind spinning book. If you do believe me be ready, ready to close this book, ready to run as things get much, much, much stranger!
I started gagging I felt awful, I felt as though a cat had gone and shoved a fur ball down my throat, just so I new how they felt. It was like it was all framed, to be honest I never saw the cat bite me– as I was facing in an utterly different direction– I just suspected it was my cat. Before I could have second thought I gagged again, then suddenly...
The lights seemed to shrink and flicker ON... OFF... ON... OFF then unexpectedly BAM! The bulb in the light just exploded right in front of my naked eyes, I screamed but I was by my self, alone and scared in this mysterious place... I shouted at the top of my voice but no on was there and no one was near...

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Chapter three: The blood room
How do you think you would feel? If you were alone scared and every one you ever loved was gone. If you have lost someone near to you, you may be able to understand just slightly the pain I went through that day, if you haven't you wont have a single fraction of an idea of how it feels. Then when I thought I was already in hell and that nothing could get worse then how it already was that was when lightning struck, when hell really did squeeze into our family's kitchen.
The room started to turn round my packed brain, I stood paralysed in the merry-go-round horror. The kitchenette turned red like blood, it was my blood, all my blood had seeped out covering the walls (not an inch was clear of blood). Spiders then started to appear from no where, I ran to the door... But you guessed it, there was no door, no where to escape to!?!?
The hell kitchen throbbed round my head spinning. Getting faster. And faster. And faster, in a whirl wind motion. Then, almost to quick to believe "BLUUURR!!" I puked everywhere. Yes; in fact everywhere. It splattered all up the fierce bloody walls all on the floor giving the tight squeeze of my kitchen the rankest stench ever sucked up your nostrils. But still things got much, much, much worse. Not only now did the room stink and was filled in my blood. I noticed tiny little black dots emerge from the floor, only to notice they were...
"SPIDERS?!? " I yelled, you see thinking they were blobs of black alien fluff seemed to freak me out a lot less than- that spooky word- spiders. You- who is reading this rite now- must understand that since the day when I was a little baby and a spider crept into my crib I have always been petrified of animals, spiders specifically. It was one cold night I was alone in my bed, the owls were hooting and the sweet smell of my mums home-made cookies in the cupboards kept me snoring happily. But then as I wriggled in my bed to get comfy I felt something tip toeing in to my mouth, so I opened my eyes to be staring at a spider climbing in my mouth I screamed like there was a mad man trying to kill me. I woke everyone up, and since then I wont go near spiders at all!
I tried again– even harder– to find an escape route. It was then that I peered up to see if there was any other passage ways above but routes there were non..... Corpses there were some! They were exact figures of my loving parents of my baby brother, I even felt grieve for the pedantic brother of which seemed to be alive, but wasn't?!?
I shot my head down like a rocket closed my eyes for ten seconds and pinched myself. Hoping highly this idiotic nightmare was just a dream. But no. Not a dream, real as a yellow banana real as a bouncy trampoline real as anything! I peered up again– if it wasn’t a dream doesn’t mean it was real– but real as where I was, true as ever.
“GO AWAY, GO AWAY!!” I screamed at the top of my voice, “Just leave me alone!!” I was in denial, I refused it to be true. I yelled and yelled for hours on end, but it didn’t get me anywhere and as I was losing my voice I decided to keep my breath.
I still couldn’t believe it. It couldn't be true. They couldn’t be dead!! I had to know if it was true. I had to do the thing no one would dare, I had to touch them. I slowly reached up desperately hoping they would just disappear and I would be in my house and everything would go back to normal. However, no. As I gradually grabbed up to the bodies the neck dropped to the floor...

03-28-2007, 20:19:50
Chapter four: Dummies
It was a head. A corpses head. A dead pale head!! That is how I felt, what it was like seeing that head tumble to the floor. Hearing the ‘thud’ as it landed and the sound of bones being cracked as it snapped from the body. However hard I tried to believe it wasn’t real and that my loving family was still alive and I wasn’t there. It was impossible the sound. The look. The pain, was as real as rock. Plus it was as sickening as spinning round in circles 100 times every minute.
I tried so hard, as hard as I could, to pretend it wasn’t real. It was then when pain was unbearable and when I just couldn’t speak anymore I had to know the truth…
I thought hard and finally managed to pull out of my stomach the guts to handle the rotting piece of what looked like pure decay. The smell was unreal– not like blood or any body parts, but more like rotting fabric then disintegrating flesh. As I got more anxious I needed to rummage more, understand more.
A few minutes later I did, I felt around more, and discovered a lot. As I poked around more I noticed that the flesh was not quite flesh and that it was some sort of rubbery fabric. It had the same texture as flesh; squishy, soft cold and damp. However it was when I felt it further that it became more obvious that it wasn’t flesh at all and nothing like it.
It was then practically impossible for me to take my hands off of the forged head. So as I held it further I noticed extra phony body parts. I don’t know how I managed to get my hands to look around but somehow I did and I will probably never know how. Nonetheless I did investigate more and I revealed that the eyes were only rounded glass balls.
Once I new that I had to see what my fake family really were. So, you guessed it, I jumped up and ripped the headless mannequin down to examine it. I found that it had actually been stuffed with pig insides, rather than real human entrails. The killing smell, the revolting scent I sniffed up was in fact dead pig, luckily not dead human.
However I new it wasn’t real it just was so life like, the dummies, so real. I stood and stared at them hours on end gradually getting used to the smell of rotting intestines and exploding guts I wildly vomited all through my experience.
Things didn't get much better after that; as the agonizing day grew longer and longer the more I missed my family. The more I thought and questioned myself about why I was here and if I was alive or if my family were alive.
Minutes seemed like hours, though you have probably heard that before and never thought it was true, it was 100% true. Seconds really did seem like minutes, and minutes really did seem like hours.
Before long I could take it no more, I could hardly breath the pig internal body parts kept me from going anywhere. As a result the tiresome hours left me searching for escape routes though I desperately new there were non.
All I could think about then was that was it real? How did I get here? And who or what got me here?...

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Chapter five: Death
When the world had finally gone to sleep I was left alone and terrified by myself. I shivered rapidly every second, I had gone sky blue. It was then I touched my skin, my check crumbled like whacking ice to bits then flesh just slipped down the side of my skin.
The whole room had turned into a compact freezer. Even the walls of blood were frozen solid. I had to get out but how? I had been trying to exit for ages and not once had I even got close to succeeding. My life was coming to a halt in a freezer.
I shut my eyes and blinked when I opened them I noticed a large door disguised in the lumpy blood walls. I ran at the speed of lighting as more of my check crumbled off. When I reached the door I unsealed it like wind scratching rapidly to try an open it.
Once I finally had got it unfastened I stepped out like how Lucy first entered Narnia amazed and shocked. I thought I had entered a new world a new planet. But no. I had horrifyingly only entered the blood room were I started…
Correct! I had but only entered the filthy room in which I had started. No wonder land. No new planets. Plus not even the hall connected to the kitchen. You know what would have been great– to just simply have been let free out of this dreadfulness into anywhere bar there (or at least that’s what I thought)- it would have been perfect!
What had happened is somehow, trust me I don't have a clue, I had been moved into the 3x larger fridge. It was unreal unbelievable, I know, I wouldn’t believe it myself if it didn’t happen to me. But sure enough it was me!
It was then as I was thinking how on earth could the cat of poisoned me?!? I realized that it couldn’t of been the cat, there truly is no such thing as a ‘Vampire cat’, someone or something really had tried to kill me…
Then, that very moment… “You know to much, Molly…” an echo voice cried. “To much for your own good!” them last words haunt me still now even though I am now immortal...
“You know to much, to much for your own good. You know to much, to much for your own good. Yes Molly you know to much…” The words drifted off as I stood outside the giant fridge door, my check crumbling, me frozen like ice. I wondered how it new my name, then it was obvious I was only hallucinating, or at least that was a good enough assumption then. But know it just seems weird to even think that.
The voice mumbled again but I couldn't make the moldy voice out it was mumbled as if it had it’s hand over it’s mouth. Then before I could honestly say what really happened, a purple hand with green warts reached out of the fridge and grabbed me in one massive swing. I screeched at the top of my voice as claws grabbed my neck and dragged me back in the fridge.

It held me down in the fridge for hours till I crumbled so much even my fingers were slowly dropping off. I screamed but as my mouth opened it just flaked of and swirled to the ground. Before long I was gone, gone as Molly, but still very very alive...

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Chapter six: Unimaginable
A few hours later as I lay there in ashes the most extraordinary thing occurred. I felt remarkably strange, I have felt strange a lot, but never that strange. It was stranger than a Vampire cat, stranger than a blood room, stranger than a 3x larger fridge, even stranger then a warty purple hand grabbing out and strangling me. It was really weird.
A few minutes later I managed to stand up? I didn’t feel alive though! I investigated my body closely and straight away I saw I was partly see-through, I could see some of my insides and entrails. Even knowing I was invisible made me feel sick, but to see my innards. Puke!!!
As I slowly looked down- even before I did it became obvious what I was going to see- I shot my head up before I properly noticed. I wasn't ready, but I was curios and had to know for sure. So I shut my eyes took a load gulp and peered my head down.
Seconds later, I gradually (very gradually) opened one eye… I was then peeping through one eye at the ashes of… of… of, well me. I opened the other eye and gazed at the pile of bones and body parts on the floor in front of me. I just stood there looking at myself. Scared. Thinking the whole thing through. All the impossibilities.
I started concentrating more on the new me than the… well, other me. I rubbed my tummy as I felt ill and my hand went straight through my stomach. I felt sicker then I started to puke again. I looked at my belly, I could see orange lumpy slush race up my throat, then out burst my vomit lumpy and warm.
I sat down on well, the air- as you see in many fantasy books of ghosts hovering above ground height– but this was no fantasy, uh uh!! True as everything in this book, yes though it’s hard to believe everything is true…
I looked at my heart peered at it softly through my life less eyes. It’s unimaginable, to be looking in you. Because your used to the outside of you, there the bits you see everyday, the parts you feel when you wake up, what you know are there, you can feel them. But I… I was inactive, not real, naked to the human eye– I was dead…
Try and imagine your life, your family, your world gone. Disappeared in literally seconds.
Though I went through it, past the pain, past the agony… I will never ever truly admit the secrets hidden in that one day. Secrets not to pass my body, not once. Waking up knowing I have that pain in me, knowing I cant share and half it, knowing I can’t shut my eyes make a wish and blow out pretty pink candles then everything will be alright.
This book is my only way of being able to laugh again, to love again, to live again. And although it kills me to publish this, to release this gloomy book, it will let me breath once more, let me try to get on with my life at hand.