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05-11-2005, 17:13:50
Snoozleberg is sleep-walking, make sure he dosen't fall

Play here (http://www.onlinespiele24.de/html/snoozleberg_1.html)


here (http://www.radio-canada.ca/jeunesse/jeux/snoozleberg/Episode1Frame.htm)

08-05-2005, 20:46:24
Cool game

It sucks cause everything is writen in A differen't Langugue like latin

Episodes>Pick one> and Hit Jover

08-09-2005, 16:38:12
im stuck on level 4 can someone plz help me ! im getting fustrated
can someone tell me the steps for level for and sorry about the english i speak portuguese.

05-06-2006, 16:14:18
i'm on d part were u come down on the unbrela & then wat

06-10-2006, 01:57:33
the window of first level!!!! keeps opening &closing anyone can help?

jone t
06-24-2006, 20:31:20
i cant find out the level in the space (when you come out of the rocket)

07-16-2006, 17:25:39
1.click on tht drain pipe or wat its called when hes close to it hell walk down 1 lvl(timing is needed here to soon and itll snap back)
2.click on the chimney itll spew out some smoke for him to walk on
3.move the antenna so it bridges the gap between the roofs
4.open the umbrella when hes close to it hell float down
5. click on the ledge a part of it will drop down
6.click on the pot above the dogs head to ko it
7 click on the black chimney when hes close to make him walk down it
8.click on the shutters to close them
done screen 1
screen 2.
1.open the marquise wen hes close to bounce him over
2. close tht shutter or watch call it over the window so the lady doesnt scream
3.click on the fire hydrant to create a water cloud for him to walk on
4.click on the window sill itll make a slope for him to walk into the window on
5.open the door below it
6.cover the manhole with its lid
7.when hes on the lid spin it to send him into the subway
screen2 done
screen 3.
1.click the monkeys when hes close and hell walk under them(timing is needed here 3 or four steps down on the stairs leadin to them)
2.open the door to the lions cage
3.click on the antenna and a part will drop off hitting the lion wholl jump up in the air
4.open the shed door(open it when hes just entered the doorway in the lions cage)
5.click on the dolphins.(when hes almost at the end of that plank)
6.give the beehive from the tree above the monkeys to the polar bear
7.use the elephant to keep those prickly creatures away
done screen 3
screen 4:
1.click on the cement mixer to fill the first hole up
2.lower the forklifts fork
3.take the sandbag and put it in front of the other two to form a stair
4.take the wooden stripy thingy n drop it in the gap on the top lvl
5.raise the forklift fork when hes on it
6.wait till hes in the pipe click on it to raise it
7.when hes out clock on it again to lower it to its original position
8.wait till hes almost on top of that pipe/shute b4 you turn it away from the dumpster
done screen 4
1.click on the pipe by the burning bin to put out the fire
2.wait till he steps on the pink dress b4 you click on the middle clothes line
3.click on the window when hes on it
4.pick up the broken cushion and place on top of that dumpster truck
5.wait till hes close to the cat b4 you click on the plank abit above it to ko it
6.raise that dumpster when hes on it
lvl 1 complete

07-17-2006, 22:00:59
walkthrough episode select page (http://weirdweb.net/hints/snooz/)looks like the site has gone slooow as slow can b now :(
this looks to be al walkthrough of this game atleast to lvl 8 screen 5 or as ther author calls it episode 8 lvl 5

01-05-2007, 23:02:03
Why can't I get past Episode 1?? Is there another link or something I'm supposed to go to? As soon as I finish Episaode 1 and he does the ribbon cutting thing, it ends for me :-(

01-05-2007, 23:07:25
You can get access to all episodes here:

01-18-2007, 02:57:58
I'm in the last scene :S but i can't get pass through the stairs :S