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04-13-2007, 11:33:06
describe the funniest/cutes moments of your pet. Discuss about any topic about your pet...

I adore cats. I love them so much, sometimes more than people. I remember the very first cat I ever had. It was Christmas the whole family had gathered at my parents home. We sitting in the kitchen and talking, of our xmas plans. Suddenly I looked outside the kitchens window and sow a small kitty stuck his nose at the window, looking at us with that glowing beautiful eyes. I was about 15, and asked my dad if we could feed him. My dad refused. He didn't wanted me to have him as pet, because I become very sensitive when I loose them :sad:
The next day I woke up and the kitty was sleeping at one of the chairs we have at the balcony. My mum and I gave him some milk, but we didn't let him in the house. My dad said that he could stay only outside. That was fine with me. Day after day that cat stole our hearts. At the beginning we let him in only until the kitchen. He new that he couldn't go anywhere else in the house. Every time he was putting hid paw at the "boundaries" between kitchen and lining room, he was looking at us in the eyes, and put his paw back.
The funny thing was that he was so cute, my dad become more connected with that cat than me. He loved him so much, he always teas him, and rub his belly. He was laughing when the cat become annoyed and started the growling noise and tried to scratch him, but he never did. My cat even have a single couch as his spot. He only went to sleep at that couch or in my room. He NEVER enter my parents or sister room.
I was unhappy when he left us...It wasn't his fault...He had enough of some people :bur2::mad:

04-14-2007, 07:40:51
I love the thread, Elni! :D

Well, my favorite kitty when I was growing up was named Bart. (My brothers named him. :P) He was long haired and like a peachy-beige-pink color with green eyes. Gorgeous. He became my cat because he "chose" me. When we got him, he was supposed to be a cat for my mom. But, for whatever reason, he grew attached to me, and I to him. :luv: Where I grew up we had 9 acres - so we had a pasture (not like a grassy field). Any time I was outdoors (and I was outside a lot) Bart was with me. I'd go hiking or building a fort out of fallen branches and things in the pasture, and Bart was right beside me. At times, it was as though he was a dog. Always following me. Mom learned to dislike him simply because he didn't care for her and sometimes even snarled at her when she tried to pick him up. He was okay with two of my brothers, and disliked the other one. He was never like that to me. :luv: He would even be waiting for me in the side yard next to the driveway everyday as I walked into the yard from the bus stop. I'd say, "Bart, Bart, Bart, Bart....(again and again)" and he would trot toward me, roll over onto his back and I'd rub his tummy as he purred. This was just another trait that he only did with me. No one else could touch his tummy. If I was sad or upset, or dealing with issues at home, he knew. I swear it seemed as though he could tell. He'd always find me and comfort me. He was the best cat I've ever known; unique and special. He's been gone a bit more than 10 years, yet I still miss him. :cat1:

04-14-2007, 11:41:28
That was a wonderful story Escape Girl. He reminds me of some other pets I had, that they listened to me.
I had 6 small chicks once. My granddad (which I missed him so much:sad: ) bought them for me. In our yard my dad created like a fence boundaries for them (imagine like the distance between the balcony and the garden "shield" with plastic fence). I put them there every night, while I was at school, and "tried" to keep them in there the times I couldn't be with them to protect them (Lots of straight dogs and cats in my country). They were always following me, and everyone of my family were adore them.
Anyway, when ever I returned from school it was feeding time. But all of my chicks were gone. Then I screamed "Where are you, you little troubles???" and they were running toward me and they tweeting. I used to make fun of them and told them "you are not getting any food today, because you run away again".
The problem was that the fence was always in place and couldn't understand how they escaping their "cage" (maybe they were the first animals developing the first escape room who knows :D :P). My dad couldn't understand them either. What we had found days later was that they had dig a small hole under the fence and they were escaping from there. MY chicks were smart LOL 8-|