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09-24-2013, 20:00:20
Good luck everybody!


09-24-2013, 21:24:48
Round 3 Blind Squirrels Solve Post:

Start Here: http://www.thosehue.co.uk/lpinvasion/round3/

Continue running as your opponents lay aside <!-- The first ones will be the last ones-->

First letters -> crayola


Take the triplets and convert to crayola colors, and find the common letter in each group:

90 107 99 Raw Siena; Silver; Salmon; s
69 104 133 Navy Blue; Shadow; Yellow Orange; a
59 31 40 Mahogany; Cotton Candy; Fuzzy Wuzzy; y
5 35 66 Asparagus; Eggplant; Midnight Blue; g
94 49 11 Red; Inchworm; Blizzard Blue; r
79 54 105 Peach; Lavender; Shamrock; a
70 126 58 Neon Carrot; White; Magic Mint; t
23 81 108 Canary; Piggy Pink; Sky Blue; y
32 65 75 Dandelion; Melon; Orchid; o
7 33 68 Banana Mania; Denim; Mulberry m
110 72 80 Sunglow; Orange; Periwinkle; n
100 112 103 Scarlet; Tan; Sepia; a

-> Gray's Anatomy

Answer = Gray's Anatomy -> http://www.thosehue.co.uk/lpinvasion...aysanatomy.htm (http://www.thosehue.co.uk/lpinvasion/round3/graysanatomy.htm)

Googling Gray's Anatomy and IX S201 -> http://www.thosehue.co.uk/lpinvasion...ucentnerve.htm (http://www.thosehue.co.uk/lpinvasion/round3/abducentnerve.htm)

Congratulations on solving Round 3!

To end the round, take 5 pictures of 5 different pairs of shoes all different colors. (1 per pic.)

Extra challenges: (ONLY ONE per team)

Take a video of someone singing the song 'Somewhere over the rainbow'. (1 point)

Take a picture of someone giving an anatomy lesson (team sign required). (2 points)

Take a picture of a bucket full of crayons (or colored pencils)(team sign required). (3 points)

Team sign needs: Round name, Team name, Location and date.

No pictures from the Internet,picture of a picture or drawings allowed

09-25-2013, 00:27:43
Congrats to Blind Squirrels for the fast solve :D next time will have to think harder and make it tiny bit more complicated :P

The solving post BnA made is perfect so I just have to add one thing :

You start here : http://www.thosehue.co.uk/lpinvasion/round3/

Continue running as your opponents lay aside

For the first answer is quite obvious you just pick the first letters and get 'crayola' your next page :


But if you check the source code you will find this sentence : <!-- The first ones will be the last ones-->

I decided to put it there with the intention of making you look at the last letters from each word of the sentence once you pick them up and anagram you will get 'geysers' and the chance of getting a bonus point :


For the bonus point :

Make a diagram showing how a geyser works.


Now I will update the points in the 'Points Thread'

09-28-2013, 02:51:21
Again, I won't be able to make the next one as it starts when I am at work.. *sigh*