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old biker
10-03-2013, 16:31:16
Escape the Witch House is another point and click, escape game from 123bee.com I saw a luxurious house on its outskirts. Out of curiosity, I entered the house. The house looks bizarre and contains full of creepy items. A big slam behind me, the door gets locked automatically. This is not a good sign. My inner voice says” This is not the right place and time to linger here anymore”. I need to escape as soon as possible. Please help me to escape from this creepy and menacing house.

Good luck

play (http://www.123bee.com/play/escape_the_witch_house/22779.html)

10-03-2013, 17:54:14
Great game that Hairpin eluded me a long time:cattail:

10-03-2013, 18:26:10
Nice game. I didn't find the clock key right away!