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Here is the Blind Squirrel Round 5 solve post:


7734.jpg is a boot

7734 on upside down calculator -> hell

boot hints to Italy, combined with hell -> inferno

egg: http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/l...te/inferno.htm (http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/lpinvasion/create/inferno.htm)
pic learn.jpg
<!-- No the -->
kntfeid fppmq

Playfair cipher with key=dante gives langdon books. They are:

Angels & Demons
The Da Vinci Code
The Lost Symbol

Remove "the" from the titles and take first letters -> adli -> dali

egg: http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/l...reate/dali.htm (http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/lpinvasion/create/dali.htm)

pic draw.jpg
Remember where you are?
<!-- 9 -->

Dali's drawings: http://www.lockportstreetgallery.com/DivineComedy1.htm
9th in Inferno is The Furies

egg: http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/l.../thefuries.htm (http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/lpinvasion/create/thefuries.htm)
pic revenge.jpg

The Furies - literally "the avengers" from Greek - are part of Marvel Comics. The Avengers is a team of superheroes in Marvel Comics.

egg: http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/l...heavengers.htm (http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/lpinvasion/create/theavengers.htm)
pic comical.jpg

pic of a black widow spider -> Scarlett Johansson played Black Widow in The Avengers movie

final egg: http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/l...tjohansson.htm (http://linkinpark333.coffeecup.com/lpinvasion/create/scarlettjohansson.htm)
You have solved Round 5!

To end this round, take a picture of 5 different Marvel comics. (No 2 same superheros/villians)

Bonus #1: Take a 10 second video of someone dressed in a Marvel superhero costume. (1 point)

Bonus #2: Create a replica painting of a Salvador Dali painting, and take a picture. (2 points) (team sign needed)

Bonus #3: Take a picture of a Marvel Comic with Stan Lee's autograph. (3 points) (team sign needed)

Team sign requires: Round name, team name, date and location.

No drawings allowed.

10-05-2013, 23:56:13
Well done Blind squirrels. Nice Dali drawing.

The walkthrough is almost the same, except for one egg.

A place where you learn is a school. Dante Alighieri Academy in Toronto, Ontario is located on 60 Playfair Avenue.
Then you used the playfair cipher and so on.

Well done!