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11-10-2013, 21:00:25
Good luck!


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<!-- dot your i's and cross your t's -->

Time waits secretly hiding tattered tails

Applying Morse to the I's and T's (I= . T = -) makes nation

- Twelve + four + Seven - 21 + 3 + 0

Apply shifts

N - 12 B
A + 4 E
T + 7 A
I - 21 N
O + 3 R
N + 0 N

Anagramming makes banner


Finland United Kingdom India Wales Denmark

<!-- names -->

Name the banners (flags) of the countries

Finland - Siniristilippu
United Kingdom - Union Jack
India - Tiranga
Wales - Y Ddraig Goch
Denmark - Dannebrog

Anagramming makes study.


Congratulations on solving Round 10!

To end the round, take a picture of 5 different dvd's/blue ray films(team sign required)

Extra challenges: (ONLY ONE per team)

Take a picture in which the first letter of the dvd's film titles spell a word (minimum 5 letters long). (team sign required) (1 point)

Make a video of someone singing a well known movie song (team sign required) (2 points)

Take a picture of someone dress as a movie character. (3 points)

Team sign needs: Round name, Team name, Location and date.

No pictures from the Internet,picture of a picture or drawings allowed

Or Dusty (bonus)



For the bonus point :

Make a pic of your tv showing a film.

Team sign required.

Team sign needs: Round name, Team name, Location and date.

First team to post it gets the bonus point.

11-10-2013, 23:34:07
Well done everybody!

Congrats to Brain Mania for solving this round and finding the bonus :)