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old biker
02-21-2014, 19:49:36
Bosphorus Villa Escape is a new escape game created by our developers. We wanted a create unique escape games instead of posting games from other websites and Bosphorus Villa Escape is the first of the upcoming escape games. You’re stuck inside a villa located in Bosphorus and you’re asked to find the hidden items, solve the puzzles and escape from the villa.

Good luck

play (http://roomescapegames.com/2413-bosphorus-villa-escape/)

02-23-2014, 18:26:39
Nice one but the dragon puzzle made no sense:cattail:

02-23-2014, 18:40:39
None what so ever:P

old biker
02-23-2014, 19:15:11
had to do that dragon puzle 3 times before it worked
and do things in order

02-24-2014, 03:02:44
I escaped in *cough, cough* Never mind.:boo: