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old biker
03-08-2014, 04:46:40
Escape from bookstore is another point and click room escape game by escape cafe. Search for clue's and items ,solve puzzles and escape

Good luck

play (http://escape-cafe.com/book/)

03-08-2014, 06:17:45
The math from Nini xD on EG24. Explanation~~~~
Well, it's quite simple actually..let's take a look at our 1st book (the one with the lady on the cover). Notice the simbols inside are the same as the ones on the cover! So that means circumference = 三(3), circle = 七(7) and 2 circles= 五(5)
The same thing goes for the 2nd book where we can see that square = 二(2) (from クニタ)
From last book (man on cover) we find out that triangle = 四(4)
(from 林下清四)
So.. from paper afrer using matches we have the math>
72*4+53=341 :)

03-09-2014, 06:58:42
Or, I just used BF:rofl-smilie:

03-09-2014, 17:11:25
I like the way you can always find something behind the safe :)
I'm out - Thanks for the help Purp - don't know what BF is Tipper

03-09-2014, 17:48:01
- don't know what BF is Tipper

Brute Force:) Strategic guessing:P

03-09-2014, 20:51:39
oh ok Tipper :clover: :lol:

03-10-2014, 04:38:09
out by cheating :D

03-10-2014, 04:43:28
Maybe it's just that I live in a rainy climate, but I don't want to escape the bookstore, I want to be trapped inside.

11-13-2014, 17:09:47
Found the symbols & keys....didn't bother going further to overcome the language barrier.