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05-05-2007, 14:12:21
As time passes (about 10 seconds), a certain place in the picture generally changes. Click on the picture where you think it has changed. There're 36 pictures in total. Can you find them all?


05-07-2007, 09:52:16
I found the first....:$

05-07-2007, 20:08:18
OMG that's tough! can't find the 2nd

edit: i got it just clicking around as a fool >.<''

05-07-2007, 22:29:47
Quite good fun that game, some are very tricky

This is the order I got the pictures, I guess they may be more random

1 A window, 2 houses from the right.
2 Of the 3 palm trees in the centre, the one in the middle shows its trunk
3 Top left corner, the edge of the table appears
4 Check piggy's trotters
5 Top right, the upper floor disappears
6 The man's bald spot burns a whole in his hat
7 The clock tower in the middle opens wider
8 Centre flag pole appeard magically through yellow flag
9 A pixie's face appears
10 Centre chair, seat/cushion appears
11 Chopstick holder changes colour
12 Scarf shrinks
13 Windscreen wipers
14 Pink alley door on the very left morphs
15 Staging on the farthest hut disappears
16 Fringe on the blonde two from left on upper level
17 Door handle
18 Left hand side of wall disappears
19 Purple One way sign
20 Cat at the back on the left, his underarms swap stickers (?)
21 Hut in the top left grows/rises/erects
22 Egg on the left hand side has its shell replaced
23 Change on the fork's handle
24 Label on the lid on the bottle at the bottom of the jar appears
25 Window in door changes shape at the top
26 Handle on door on far right swaps side
27 One of the Chinese characters above LAM changes
28 Someone puts their trousers on
29 Green house on the very right gets an extension in just 10 seconds!
30 Fire exit green man changes direction (took me ages that one!!)
31 Extra markings appear on the blade
32 Lady in the front in the white changes into short sleeves
33 Armchair loses its arm rest
34 The groom wears a tie
35 Bottom left ledge on sofa raises a little
36 Lady on left, her necklace dangles to the other side, another tricky one

05-12-2007, 03:17:41
Wow, jurb!! I've done it thorugh??? :o :D To be honest, I'm really stuck at the level 2.. :$ I should try this game again later! :D