View Full Version : Sniffmouse Real World Escape 29

06-01-2014, 20:14:12
Once again you are locked in some room. This time you are not alone, there is a beautiful girl that may help you. She is very hungry. Take care of her and unlock the door, because she wants to go out with you, but the exit is locked. Good luck and have a nice time:)

Play here! (http://www.sniffmouse.com/sniffmouse-real-world-escape-29)

06-01-2014, 20:20:00
Woohoo!! I won:D Fast but fun:P

old biker
06-02-2014, 18:49:38
duh ,my two last were
the middle of the white spot on the closet
and squeeze the woman 's nose

06-02-2014, 23:12:42
:haha: Never heard anyone so happy about such a tiny piece of food! :) Fun one!

06-02-2014, 23:51:03
easy, but fun.

06-03-2014, 07:03:58
Wow autosolve for the number drawer:cattail:

08-14-2014, 23:35:34
Took a bit to find double 'ff's.
Top R/S of bed headboard.