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old biker
08-21-2014, 15:41:37
Last night you went to your Chinese friend's house for a get together party at the end of the party you stayed in the Chinese house. The next day morning you came to know that you were left alone and the rooms were locked. Try to use your IQ to find the room keys and solve the entire puzzle in the room. Have a nice day..

Good luck

play (http://www.eightgames.com/play/chinese-room-escape)

08-21-2014, 19:35:33
Whew, made it out! Lots of referencing back to the clues, but good game! :)

08-21-2014, 20:13:02
Thank goodness for the Prt Scr key. Nice game though

10-07-2014, 22:50:44
Completed 6-colour combo...now have wall piece.
Placed hair pins and now have domino clue, and now fan.
Entered 3-colour combo and now have 5 coloured marbles.
Placed marbles, wood pieces and now have key, and now a mini locker, and now a disc.
Somehow I spun the wheel correctly (though I don't think so) and I now have a key.
Entered "ALL" the symbols and now out.
Nice game....I was worried at first when I saw the symbol combos, but clues are very straight forward.