View Full Version : Melting Mindz & Yizzim - Spooky Island Survival Escape Day: 5

10-10-2014, 21:54:49
It's day 5 on Spooky Island. Yesterday you were traveling to the other side of the island to search for a boat to take you home, the last thing you remember is falling down into a hole. Now you must search around and figure a way to escape! Good luck and have fun playing!

Play here!! (http://www.melting-mindz.com/Spooky-Island-Survival-Escape-Day-5.php)

10-11-2014, 09:46:34
Sail away....it sure looked like your boat @Tipper75:cattail:

10-11-2014, 14:08:33
Sail away....it sure looked like your boat @Tipper75:cattail:


10-21-2014, 22:17:29
I have a torch, but still can't see in the dark; what am I missing...?
That was a hard to find hotspot.
Out! Other then that terrible hotspot...the game was good.