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10-25-2014, 14:34:43
The Elder Temple Escape is a new point and click adventure game by flash512,You're locked inside the elder temple and find useful items to interact to resovle some puzzles to escape.Good luck and have fun!

Play (http://www.flash512.com/esc-games/escape85/)

10-25-2014, 15:46:29
Great game!!! :D

10-26-2014, 20:18:28
Opened 3-symbol combo...now have square /w clue....not sure where to enter?
Worked out the order of the 6 symbols and now have weapon...not sure where to use?
See grid clue and where to enter, but buttons don't push...?
See symbols for barrel-like object, but these buttons also don't push...?
I see my problem....I need to 'drag' items to use them.
Used weapon, now have tool. Placed plaque, pressed buttons and have light.
Played /w yellow square buttons on wall until 6 lights stayed on.
Removed item from flame...placed numerous objects as found.
Now trying to work out chest-like item....I see the shapes match elsewhere. Got it! Now have the star.
Press L to R buttons on star statue to see order for chest.
Now I can enter barrel code.
Ceiling; above barrel in center.
Placed card, inserted code.....placed 2nd square, used key and out.
Very nice game....just have to remember to drag items; not just click.

11-04-2014, 09:39:58
Good one:cattail:

11-04-2014, 21:38:48
Another great game from Flash 512