View Full Version : Lo.nyans Room Escape 13

11-16-2014, 18:50:54
This is a new Japanese escape game from Lonyan. Explore the room, finding clues and solving puzzles to get the key and escape. Have fun and good luck:)

Play here! (http://lonyans.yukishigure.com/escapegame_131116.html)

11-16-2014, 18:52:15
Not easy, but very fun:D

Grab the clove from the box in the inventory:)

11-17-2014, 17:48:17
So far it's going very well....
Opened drawers, took pictures, found 3 hourglasses, opened long dresser, set switches....
Still need 2 more letters, what to do /w coloured pictures and need red box solution....
Had a look... aha; missed changes made after CD code displayed...now have key for large wardrobe.
Need 1 more letter but have letter clue and see colours.....searching.
How did I miss that...have last letter. It was in drawer and somehow missed it.
Opened desk; now have scissors and red box clue.
Used scissors & tape, and now have colour/letter clue and now blue key.
Also cut picture in desk.
Don't want to leave yet, but can't seem to find man...
I couldn't find him...exited and received just a 'congratulations' (no perfect end for me.)
Read your spoiler Tipper....my box had disappeared (too late?)