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11-26-2014, 01:00:00
Snowflakes are falling and Caspers are hiding. Unfortunately you are trapped in the room with 13 Caspers. You must find them all and they will help you to get out of this place. Think smart and look or hints. Some of the puzzles are really tricky, but I believe that you will solve them all. I wish you good luck.

Play Here (http://www.sniffmouse.com/casper-escape-4-snowflakes)

11-26-2014, 17:13:07
This one is not easy....
I could not see the size differences on the four objects...it was pretty much guess work
1st colour is dark gray.
R/S of couch.
Exactly as it says; multiply door numbers by 23.
I need one more; not getting the 3 dresser combos...?
Finally figured out red combo. Now have snowflake spray; and now have remote.
See 'both' sides of pictures for math statement.
Look close to see 3 numbers.
Used remote, entered colour combo, used brick and out.
Mix colours.
Very good game! Took me forever to get the red combo.

11-27-2014, 03:37:50
Get a pen and pad out:P Good Game :D

11-29-2014, 21:23:35
I'm out in the snow. :mog::gost:

03-31-2018, 08:22:07
Tough one.:cattail: