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12-14-2014, 18:25:30

Abandoned School Escape is the 19th point and click escape game from crazy escape games. You’re trapped into abandoned school, try to escape the school by solving the puzzles. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Play Abandoned School Escape (http://www.crazyescapegames.com/abandoned-school-escape/)

12-14-2014, 19:36:28
A little hard to see, but otherwise a nice game:)

12-14-2014, 20:34:32
Found some items and 2 hotspots that do nothing...? Aha; 'DRAG' items....now have key.
This is not easy; trying everything....
It's a light...shine on calculator.
Unlocked door; unlocked locker...
Erase and measure.
Placed 5 balls, need 2 more...
Opened combo /w 3 colours, guessed at 4th....now out.
Short, but nice. No idea where 4th colour was...?