View Full Version : Escape from the Similar Rooms 17

12-26-2014, 16:04:00
You are locked in a room. The goal of this game is to escape from this place. You can turn off the sound by clicking on the speaker icon at the lower right.

Play Here (http://dghg.bake-neko.net/similarrooms17_en.html)

12-26-2014, 17:21:12
Okay, the picture puzzle was tough, but I made it out:)

01-04-2015, 21:27:08
Shape combo was easy, 4 button took a bit of back & forth before I got it.
As per lamp shades.
Clock angles in clock number order.
I was really stuck on the 9-button combo, but I finally got it...Clear! Tough one!
4 views/position of TV picture.