View Full Version : Kiteretsu - Ecuest 4

12-28-2014, 16:28:26
Ecuest 4 is a nice Japanese escape game from Kiteretsu. Find items and clues to help solve puzzles and escape this room. Please enjoy this refreshing game:)

Play here! (http://kiteretsu-world.info/escape/escuest-4.shtml)

12-31-2014, 02:45:06
Opened top 2 drawers. See key but can't reach. See clue on PC, but not getting it....
A bit fussy, but placed CD; now have 9-button code.
Found 2nd paper, but need 1 more.
Spend ages writing out order of letters...finally got it!
Wall letters in PC order...using keyboard for missing letters.
Still have shovel and now have key and 3 tiles...
Out...good game!