View Full Version : Find the Escape-Men 132: A Family's Refrigerator

01-02-2015, 09:32:00
This is an escape game from No1Game.net, the 132nd game of Find the ESCAPE-MEN series. Solve some puzzles, find the 10 ESCAPE-MEN around the refrigerator and eat the cake! This game has 2 endings.

Play Here (http://www.no1game.net/games/escapemen/game0132.html)

01-03-2015, 21:18:21
Not a lot of views, but it isn't that easy...
Have 5 men; I still need to figure out 4-digit code...
Stuck and checking everywhere; found 6 man.
Lift in number order.
Somehow have a green ice cube; it wasn't there before...?
Not sure but fridge button was green, saw ice, selected juice, back to fridge and green light off, then green ice showed in ice drawer...?.
Step ladder is no longer hot...tried to place, but not working...? How silly, got it; I was trying to be too precise.
9 men; now to figure out paper clue...
I had to get help; even then, I don't understand 4-digit code logic...? Out.