View Full Version : Ena- Vegetable Island Escape

old biker
01-11-2015, 13:56:29
Assume that one day you went to the vegetable island garden. But unfortunately you have been locked inside. Try to find the way to exit and get escaped soon

Good luck

Play (http://www.enagames.com/escape-game/vegetable-island-escape)

01-11-2015, 19:01:59
Gathered items and opened some combos...
The fish paper was hard to see.
Give pepper to plant.
Wind up bunny; then coconut.
Now have bumpy head and foot pump; what to do with them...?
Aha; there was another view; placed symbol...
Took a bit to get as so hard to make a couple of the pictures...
B'fly/flowers, crate/crowbar, apple/knife , brick(?), mouse/cheese, lock/key.
Used saw and now have 4 gems; now have paddles; what to do /w them and also the green apple door combo...?
Lucky click and now I see how door combo works....
Move orange across.
and away I row....