View Full Version : Yonashi Escape 15 - Monster House

01-12-2015, 13:35:37
Yonashi Escape 15 - Monster House is a new point and click Japanese escape game. Explore the room, finding clues and solving puzzles to escape this room. Have fun and good luck :)

Play here! (http://yonashi.web.fc2.com/games/015.html)

01-12-2015, 19:00:31
Found orange and cannister.
On jar by monster shower.
Not sure what U/D is...monster took orange, but why(?).
Letter combo just clicked; found yellow monster and now have pitchfork.
5 letters /w monster /w 5 heads/names.
Red guy has a body now; now to figure out combo & still need to figure out cannister...?
Looking everywhere and just noticed 4 button combo; now have teapot (now I get the shower!).
Red monster's hair.
Why can't I figure out the U/D and the cannister clues...?
OMG! I finally got the cannister...I had just about given up hope.
Count eyes; enter digits in pic order.Picture of monsters....'i'.
Dragon feels better; boiled teapot; now what to do /w it & U/D door....???
I just opened U/D when trying a clue, but just lucky as what I though was U/D clue had more clicks...
Have key and now out! Very hard game, but fun!