View Full Version : Sniffmouse- Real World Escape 75 Emergency

old biker
01-15-2015, 08:12:50
I can feel that you are very clever! Am I right? You will find a way to escape from this room. There are 12 sniffmouse icons somewhere in this room. If you will find them all then the door will unlock. Look for hints that will help you to escape. To make it even easier there is a phone, so you can call to someone.

Good luck

Play (http://www.sniffmouse.com/sniffmouse-real-world-escape-75-emergency)

01-15-2015, 08:45:17
Good one....and I liked the phone call :haha::cattail:

01-15-2015, 13:35:33
I think you could send a PDF instead:rofl-smilie:

01-15-2015, 17:34:25
fun one!

01-15-2015, 22:51:41
Fun one!! :D