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old biker
01-19-2015, 11:05:04
Dormitory is a new Japanese point and click, escape game . Search for clue's and items, solve puzzles and escape.

Good luck

play (http://leo01kumc.web.fc2.com/page/dormitory.html)

01-19-2015, 14:25:59
I played earlier, and got out, but it is a pixel chase and the clues are not easy to see:(

01-20-2015, 22:29:23
To see items....drag over 'about item'.
Guitar pick, key, paper, clover /w number.
This is really fussy...finally opened top of fridge and see another clue.
Look at the bottom of the cans.
I see the window clue but still can't make out numbers.
I have to give up.....too fussy and I'm not getting the bits I do see...next game!