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old biker
01-31-2015, 12:07:30
Like in part one of Don't Escape, instead of breaking free out of the room you have to lock yourself in. This time around you are not alone - there are people around that might help you if you help them. Explore various locations and find things you will need to secure your hideout. Just be aware of the passing time... The undead horde is approaching and they won't wait forever for you to be ready..

Good luck

Play (http://armorgames.com/play/17657/dont-escape-2)

02-02-2015, 08:05:20
Good game...:cattail:

02-02-2015, 13:55:14
Good Game but I had to play ten times:P

02-06-2015, 00:48:56
Oops....failed; they ate me piece by piece...
Died again; made cement, but I need mortar...?
Camera seems to be doing nothing for me and still missing mortar ingredient...?
Third time dead; I have to try some new...
Now found correct picture to take, used gas differently but still haven't used key and need mortar...? Still died....
4th Attempt: Killed gas station zombie differently, so now I could mix mortar. Used gas as originally done as time was not an issue....still have not found use for key.I was ready this time but didn't know how to run down the clock....
5th Attempt: Finally, Father Bernard and I survive!
Take picture of story on wall.
Use gun as shovel is needed later.
3...church, L/S of base, gas station.
Get helpers first.
Really good game! More then one ending; never did use key.