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old biker
02-27-2015, 04:38:57
This is 17th escape game for sniffmouse from Angelika. Escape from the family room by finding and matching all the objects in the room. Look for clues and try to find 13 Casper icons to get out of the house.

Good luck

play (http://www.sniffmouse.com/casper-escape-17-family-room)

02-27-2015, 06:17:55
Out with a lot of help. :boo:

Look at the couch, lift cushion, get Casper. Also check out corkboard with 2 photos on it, for directions. Go to the left, and look at circle board with blue S on it, and start from there. Watch the fly and go one screen to the right and look at table. Use where the fly landed on the table and get a new "square sequence" (I hope this makes sense).

Go to the right again, and look at 3 vases in cabinet. One will have a Casper in it, and the one in the upper right hand corner had a grey box. The squares you need lit up are the top two corner ones, the center one and the bottom center one, for a washcloth and a Casper.

Take another right and you will be facing a huge electronic gizmo system. (Yes, I am from this century. Why do you ask)?:wink: There will be a Casper floating above it. Grab him, and look carefully at the books in the shelf. Go into the kid's bedroom and look at the robot. It can't do anything right now, so don't worry about it. Also note the 1-6 number pad above the bed. Back out of the room and turn to your right again.

You will be facing the fly circles again, and the table. Use the washcloth from the table under the circles and get another Casper. Zoom on the table leg and get another Casper. Zoom back out and zoom in on the vases. The white center vase will have a Casper under it. There is also a hexagon container with sides that change color. We haven't solved it yet, so don't worry.

Using the books, looking at their pages. Some have white pages and some have pink. Going back to the L-R buttons, the L button, when pushed, is pink and the R button, when pushed, is white. Using the colors and numbers, it should be LLRLRRLR, which will get you a robot's head and a # code. Put the head on the robot for the 6 color clue. Use the clue on the hexagon and get another Casper. Using the number codes 5204 is 5x4=20 6427 is 6x7=42, etc. 8x4=32. Using this on the 8 digit number code, try to get 32 in 4 digits. I put in 8432. and got a propeller, a 4 letter word for the word box, and a Casper.

In the word box, there is a Casper and a number code. Going into the kid's bedroom, put in the number 35142146 for a Casper and a coin. (NOTE: I'm not sure how they came up with that number...If someone can enlighten me, please do so. Thanks). You also put the propeller up and get the cat picture hint. Use the coin on the screw and that will give you a red button. Push the red button and...you're out!!!

02-27-2015, 06:27:34
Not easy this time

check books, some are pinkish and represent left
click in order of position


02-27-2015, 13:33:26
Thanks Angelika:)
I have no idea, but thank you Purp:P

old biker
02-27-2015, 21:15:53
got happy coin and lost it again :P

02-27-2015, 21:27:36
Found direction clue and solved puzzle; now solved table.
Tried number order a few different ways, but also not working...?
Playing /w picture; but no luck.....I think I'm stuck!
Had to peak; now have L/R....thanks Kzin!
Now have robot head; now colour clue.
Now have 5 Caspers....
I surrender...this is too hard, and if I have to keep reading clues, then it's no longer fun.