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11-05-2005, 22:18:51



3D point and click(drag) adventure.

11-05-2005, 23:08:26
Took me a while to figure out the controls.
Good game, though.

Nevermind. Got very boring.

11-05-2005, 23:12:56
seems like you have to go from room to room pressing the button in each one

11-05-2005, 23:15:11
right click and press fast forward to make the character walk faster

11-06-2005, 00:28:41
I can't find the button in the room with the wind mills... am too stupid :(

11-06-2005, 00:50:32
I can't find the button in the room with the wind mills... am too stupid :(

I can't find it either - the only one I can find takes me back to the starting point

11-06-2005, 01:03:05
I can't find the button in the room with the wind mills... am too stupid :(

I had the same problem. I did the other 2 rooms first and then I went back to the mills room and there was a new structure with a button.

11-06-2005, 01:07:22
After you push all 3 buttons in the 3 rooms go back to the Mine room. Go straight and take a right.... at the end on the right side is a passage way..... go where it leads theres only one thing to do. I am stuck here

11-06-2005, 02:55:34
Did anyone else have to go into rooms more than once?...this part was rather tedious..maybe I just missed them the first time around..ending was somewhat neat but didn't know if warping to another world or game was over

11-06-2005, 11:07:35
What is the point of this game? But it is a good game

11-06-2005, 13:20:55
when you press 3 buttons then go to mines. turn right and there is a pasage with a leve at the end. pull each lever in each room.

there is a lever in the fan room behind the silo thing but i cant find the other one

11-06-2005, 13:36:15
there are no buttons or any thing
when i started i just clicked the blue thing
now what do i do
plz help me

11-06-2005, 13:37:11
nm done it now

11-06-2005, 13:44:00
ive gone in evry room now but what do i do

11-06-2005, 13:45:12
i give up
its kinda boring any way

11-06-2005, 14:00:34
hiya peeps

11-06-2005, 16:48:03
i have been in all the rooms but on the wind mill 1 i cant find the button i can only seem 2 find 3 rooms the platform one, the one with lots of arches and the wind mill 1 plz some1 help me!!

11-06-2005, 16:53:28
i can only find 1 buton in 2 rooms and none in the other (windmill 1 ) and i dont no how to advance in the game. plz help me.

11-07-2005, 00:19:29
Am i the only one who doesn't get theis games it seems to make no sense???

11-07-2005, 00:45:19
1) If you have little patience don't ply this game. Controlling the character is really hard!!

2)If you have the patience keep playing, the ending is beautiful.

3) Keep trying, and that all you have to do. Try, try, try, try.....

11-07-2005, 01:45:16
anyone knows if there is any lever (not button) on the second "world"?, where the character is REALLY hard to control.

11-07-2005, 10:50:25
i cant find the lever on the world where ur walking on a thin path thingy either =(

can somebody post a walkthrough plzzz?

11-08-2005, 10:48:23
Go on the mine Door and press again the button to bring it out .

Then go on the Water Door and you will find the 3rd Lever .

11-08-2005, 11:07:40
[QUOTE=Unregistered]Go on the mine Door and press again the button to bring it out .

Then go on the Water Door and you will find the 3rd Lever .

Open door , turn Right open last Right Door , Turn Left at the end of the hallway , Open door , go straight , Open Door go out open last door , END .

11-09-2005, 22:25:37
with the windmills one find a windmill that is not moving then go to it and you should find a button to stand on near it.

how do you open the bloody, friggin door!!!

first the door had bars on it so i pressed the water button in the mine place, then the door looked like an iron one, i pulled the lever in the mazy place , but the door is still iron clad!, so im guessing ive got to do something in the place with the wind mills, anyone help me?? plz!!, all i can see is windmills!, i know the one is not turning but dont know wot to do, is there a button or lever somewer?!

11-30-2005, 23:03:12
this game seems pointless, i cant understand why we are there! Keeping playing though, will help as much as i can!

05-27-2006, 02:34:02
gets very boring very quickly