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old biker
08-28-2015, 18:43:42
Room Escape 13 is another Japanese point and click, room escape game from Info-Web. Solve puzzles, find clue's and items in order to escape the room.

Good luck

Play (http://gameda4.net/roomEscape13.html)

08-30-2015, 08:13:30
Oops that ws fast....


08-30-2015, 13:51:49
Only 8/10, but I had fun:D

08-30-2015, 18:06:11
Solved 3 drawer combos; still need 4 colour clue.
Found item in photo, but need SD...
L/S of soldier in display case.
Have 7/10 coins.
Have box, now 8th coin, but need password...
No idea what 3rd switch is for....? I think I'm stuck....
Found 9th coin, but still no password...
Found 10th coin, but still no password...
Above switch box, when zoomed & under cabinet, click L when zoomed.
Finally found it!
Hole below picture, used by 2nd switch.
Out....very nice game!

08-31-2015, 17:59:01
9/10 Out