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old biker
09-04-2015, 19:58:37
Do you remember the first two parts of this game series? Here is the third part. You will need to solve different puzzles and complete some tasks. Try to unlock the elevator in each level by pressing the green button.

Good luck

play (http://www.sniffmouse.com/open-the-elevator-3)

09-04-2015, 20:37:40
Nice tricky puzzles...:cattail:

09-04-2015, 20:43:45
Not their best work :(

09-04-2015, 22:27:24
Not bad. My only complaints are on levels 3, 6 & 10.

3 the seemed to be chosen by randomness rather than logic.

6 thppppppt just thppptt that is all

10 the pegs are sticking out of the wall already. An amateur climber could have climbed up those. If it would have been candy, a two year old could've figured out how to get to it.

09-05-2015, 07:47:31
Ok. I'm out.

09-05-2015, 18:49:51
Took a bit to get started as SD disappeared when dragged upper left.
Use Hammer to break lights.
Type letters on 'your' computer.
B= Column2, Row1..;figure out each letter of word.
Mix both colours = ?
Pull out to create stairway.
Nice game!