View Full Version : Horror Room Escape Part3

old biker
09-12-2015, 06:25:55
Just Imagine that you and your friends decided to visit an old haunted bungalow in your locality. In there, Suddenly your friends disappeared. Finally, You found the door locked and you missed the way of entry. There are some hints, objects and puzzles left. Find those hints, solve the puzzles and escape

Good luck

Play (http://www.eightgames.com/horror-room-escape-part3)

09-12-2015, 19:16:24
I had to replay; do not place 2 candles, until you have 2 skulls.
Place on picture; eye /w hands, add candles 7 light.
I far left room /w pillow hotspot...window has 'IG' on it
Scene left of 6 doll puzzle...in lower L corner.
Slice open blood & pour (2 knives, only correct one will work).

Board /w red dot.
Place dark skull /w eyeballs in wall picture, one scene before officer lounge.
Bones (5), then 3 red heads, then bottle...stir /w broom.
Placed items in caldron but nothing happened...?
I'm getting the heads /w stars puzzle moving but not sure what the object is...?
Have stars pin the heads to each end(R,L,R ends).
Dog bowl in scene /w upper body of lady.
Placed gears, now have 2nd torch and now slider clue.
Now have last 2 balls...
Terrible colours as very hard to tell orange from red.
Used crucifix, and now out.
Enjoyable, but a very long game.