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old biker
10-18-2015, 20:10:58
Halloween Night Escape is another new point and click room escape game from hiddenogames.com. Halloween festival started. In this game you came to visit a halloween village for this halloween which is located at outer of the city. But unfortunately you missed the way out. No one is there to help you out. The place look very scary. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle.

Good luck

play (http://www.hiddenogames.com/play/halloween-night-escape/4194)

10-18-2015, 21:21:50
Missing the "W". can't take broom. :cattail:

10-18-2015, 21:35:09
:hmm: I got out, but I can't remember where the W was:(

10-18-2015, 23:15:17
6 Wrapped candies on R/S of house.
Strange...placed skull/candles correctly and received nothing...replaced and then letter appeared.
Need both "H'' and key; searching....
BUG: Just discovered I 'had' previously found the "H's" as I solved all the spiders....they disappeared from inventory.
Next game....

10-19-2015, 03:02:40
Happy Halloween.:halloween:

10-19-2015, 04:56:52
Thanks that probably means my W disappeared as well. :cattail: