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old biker
03-18-2016, 17:32:17
Your Grandpa got a new motorhome and you decided to go inside and check it out. Once you shut the door you heard the lock click! Now you must figure out how to escape! Look around and find useful items to help you escape the motorhome!

Good luck

Play (http://www.hoodamath.com/games/hoodaescapemotorhome.html)

03-18-2016, 19:01:29
Fun! And that was quite the motorhome! :P Oh, had an extra key?

03-18-2016, 21:29:50
It took me a little while to realize what the clue on the TV was for. I kept trying to use it in the wrong place.

03-19-2016, 04:30:09
And out. Grandpa and Grandma sure know how to live, don't they?

03-19-2016, 06:18:57
Wondering what the black key was for?:cattail:

old biker
03-19-2016, 08:14:55
and the hint on tv :?

03-19-2016, 14:09:59