View Full Version : The Storage Shed Escape

04-06-2016, 06:24:17
A new Tesshi-e game. Find items, solve puzzles and with Tesshi-e chek and double check everything you find. Enjoy.

PLAY HERE! (http://www.mildescape.com/escape110.html)

04-07-2016, 05:00:21
Out with happy coin. A good looking Barbecue was waiting for me.

After using ladder get the wire as well. Than get chain from side of of shelf

On the inside of storage door is an SD:cattail:

old biker
04-07-2016, 16:38:20
Too many places to use hammer and crowbar on :(

04-08-2016, 02:25:24
Out with grilled steaks and potatoes, and a happy coin:D

is not a clock;)