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04-19-2016, 22:17:00
Old Fire Room Escape is brand new escape game developed by Games Novel. As an adventurer you are very interested about the Old Fire Room. The people living in the nearest village have stories about the Old Fire Room. They said that the castle is cursed, and there are few adventurers, treasure hunters and archaeologist who tried to visit the Old Fire Room and didn’t come back. You don’t believe in the stories and you wanted to prove that there is no curse. On the next day you went to the Old Fire Room and got trapped inside. You are alone there and nobody can help you escape. Can you find a way to escape or you will be trapped there forever? Good luck!

PLAY HERE (http://www.gamesnovel.com/gamesnovel-games/old-fire-room-escape)

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04-19-2016, 23:23:48
Very nice game!! :D Thanks!

04-20-2016, 03:37:39
I escaped:P Strange puzzle at the and :haha:

04-20-2016, 04:10:45
Wowee!! I'm out!!