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06-03-2016, 21:10:21
Open more. The first

Game description of

Solve the mystery, it is a game to open the cans.
Since there is no such basic time limit and click limit on the number of times, you can play calmly.
Game on the nature, when you hide the tips, etc., there may be a place that seems to be unkind or was insufficient explanation. There is a mystery to solve puzzles / sound

Game play of

Game starts when you click on the title screen.
The cans, it and the hint is hidden problem.
Since the operation is the only click, please try various click.
Game is clear if it is possible to open the can.
When you press the button, please as the cursor does not protrude from the button until you release the click.

Play here!! (http://www.tomolasido.net/makr1.html)

06-03-2016, 22:27:54
A little BF on the bottom and opened:D I hope that they continue to make these games!!

06-04-2016, 08:39:16
Yeah it is back....hooray:cattail:

old biker
06-05-2016, 20:05:46
only one :o,love them :)