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Oscar Wilde
02-15-2017, 18:24:00
The evil wizard has kidnapped Ozzy's wife, Peggy. Ozzy must rescue Peggy, defeat the evil wizard and bring peace to the woods.

Play Here (http://www.mousecity.com/games/point-and-click/ozzy/)

02-16-2017, 02:38:44
Detest the ads in the middle of a game....
Oh dear...pulled the wrong rope.
Replayed and pulled correct rope....I didn't see any clues? I don't get it.

02-16-2017, 05:47:12
I, uh, pulled the first rope and got it. I, uh, also, erm...*hangs head in shame* used a video walkthrough.

02-16-2017, 08:05:10
No clue was seen.:cattail: