View Full Version : Monkeyhappy Stage 62

old biker
03-02-2017, 06:54:43
Weekly update of the new serie

Good luck

play (http://www.monkeyhappy.com/0062.html)

03-02-2017, 07:30:21
A long one with fun.:cattail:

03-02-2017, 22:59:02
When buttons are placed, set idols to correct heights as per button symbol - shown on 1st scene cave entrance.
Took me a bit to fugure out the levers for the staff.
As per binary 'zeros' on posts behind idols.
Fun one!

old biker
03-04-2017, 16:25:08
great one ,thanks Robin

03-05-2017, 19:26:02
Fun one... and a bit tricky! :D