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old biker
09-23-2017, 11:50:51
Reunion with Mouse is a new Japanese point and click, room escape game by coo-tan. Search for clue's and items, use them ,solve puzzles and escape.

The game has more than 1 end

Good luck

play (http://coo-tan.up.seesaa.net/game/mouse_again.html)

old biker
09-23-2017, 12:46:24
sleeping mouse end ,flashlight end ,will look for more later..

09-23-2017, 14:50:38
Sleeping Mouse end is good for me :doggie:

old biker
09-23-2017, 14:54:46
it gets way bigger :)

09-23-2017, 16:49:20
Sleeping mouse...retrying....
Placed magnifier, can't get it back but it does nothing ....SD not used...same result...retrying...
Found 2 batteries this time...stuck....

old biker
09-23-2017, 17:17:05
place batteries in flashlight ,use it on magnifier
you wil shrink

09-23-2017, 17:24:16
But I don't have a flashlight...only magnifier, SD, Cheese, batteries and batteries do not go in magnifier....?

old biker
09-23-2017, 17:25:45
you need to find the flashlight first
order of the books gives flashlight
G5 R1 Y2 B1 B3 Y1 G1 Y3 R2

09-23-2017, 17:34:22
Working it through....still haven't go the flashlight, but lucky try and I have the hanging mat.
Why did mat not work before...?
Now have pin...placed pin....took batteries...nothing....still working on this...
Couldn't understand your order of books...but now I see it....

Using Mat;
1st create a List of colours (R to L)....

2nd get the position of the colour (reverse order L to R)...

eg/....first colour in LIST is green (R to L)....1st POSITION for green (L to R) is 1...therefore first book is G1....#2/ 2nd list colour is red, first red position is 1...so 2nd book is R2...etc.
Push books as per colour/position.
You know....the above worked EXCEPT for a yellow and blue position.
A bit closer....now have flashlight, used flashlight...
Went through the mouse hole...gave the cheese out the main door and it says retry...so I guess I still don't have it correct.
Have to try this again....
Nope; same outcome whether I give cheese or not it says retry...I have to give up

old biker
09-23-2017, 17:42:45
ok ,you needed that first :P
things work in order

09-23-2017, 18:08:47
Flashlight mouse end, bf'd the combo. It is from the second mat and diary:doggie:

Stuck with 4 digit combo:P

I tried to translate the Japanese on the cheese, that didn't work...
The four beginning letters can spell "code", using the number of letters in each word give 6594

It worked, not that I have found another ending though:P

Cheese Cake End

Key under desk when you are little

09-24-2017, 06:20:46
Nice one.:cattail: