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06-03-2007, 18:08:02
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"One afternoon Lilliputt was out in the Carrot Fields collecting carrots as she usually does when she noticed someone approaching. It was a young lady that seemed familiar somehow. As Lilliputt continued with her chores the lady spoke:
"Awrite. How ur yeh?"
Lilliputt scratched her head as she tried to think about the ladies odd remark.
"What?", she said confused
"Aye. How ur yeh?"
It still made no sense to the little islander so she pointed at herself
"I.... AM.... LILLIPUTT", she said, "Who....are...you?" she finished pointing at the lady."

Go ahead and continue, Jenni :)

06-03-2007, 18:15:30
"I'm Jenni ", said the young lady, her accent seemed strange to Lilliputt, "And I'm Electrogirl", said another girl.
Lilliputt scratched her head for the second time, these two girls...they seemed so familiar to Lilliputt.
"Where are you from?" , questioned Lilliputt.
"I'm for Scotland", said Jenni, "And I'm from Guernsey", said Electrogirl ,"We are twins", they said at the same time.

06-03-2007, 18:22:33
"Ah, of course you are", Lilliputt said as if she knew what Scotland or Guernsey is. "You just look so familiar. Maybe we are related. I can never keep track of all the relatives. I'm such an old Lilliputt". Lilliputt shook her head and looked at the pile of carrots. Still it was Jenni that caught her attention. She was really the one that looked familiar though not her twin. It seemed to have something to do with poems, but she just couldn't put her finger on it.
As Jenny followed Lilliputs gaze and spotted the carrots Lilliputt suddenly realised what it was. She glanced at Jenni and there it was. Her PROFILE, it was almost like a SIGn. She was the spitting image of Robert Burns! :o

06-03-2007, 18:31:53
Lilliputt knew what it was now, the SIGn! It was A RED,RED ROSE! Lilliputt was familliar with Robert Burns, she had met him once before and he had read the famous poem to her. It was so strange how Jenni looked like him, they even had the same nose and where Robert Burns was from Jenni only stayed 20 minutes away from there.
Lilliputt chatted away to the twins but she seemed to have more in common with Jenni than what she had with Electrogirl, maybe it was because of Robert Burns.
All the time they were on Carrot Island the twins felt as though they were being watched.....

06-03-2007, 18:50:52
Lillputt wondered what was so sparkly with Electrogirl.
"You know, you light up a lot. Why is that?", she said curiously as Electrogirl uneasily took a step closer to her sister.
"Huh?... oh, that. I have a lot of energy and that can sparkle at times. I'd like to resaerch it some day."
"Oh", Lilliputt said again not fully understanding the concept of energy. To her energy was usually something she was in great lack of, or so her friend the alien kept telling her."Well, I have started a scientist team, would you like to join?" Lilliputt said feeling proud.
"Yes", said Electrogirl,"how many scientists are there?"
"Uhm", Lilliputt hesitated,"so far there is me."
"Oh", said Electrogirl and tried hard not to giggle at the sweet old lady.
There was a noise comming out of the bushes and suddenly a wolf jumped out behind Lilliputt.
"What is it?" Lilliputt asked as the twins practically jumped in each others arms.
"Look out!" shouted Jenni and together they screamed "there is a wolf behind you." The wolf looked wild and sharp teeth were glittering in the bright sunlight.
"Oh...", said Lilliputt and turned around. "where have you been? Didn't I tell you ta be back earlier? Now, I have to start over dinner."
The twins dropped their jaws as they looked at each other in surprise while the little old lady was telling off the scary looking wolf. They whispered to each other that Lilliputt might be in need of stronger glasses...

06-03-2007, 19:01:44
The twins were in a state of shock! How could this lady not be scared of the wolf?! Lilliputt had forgotten that she had visiters. "Ohh how could I? Please excuse my bad manners ," said Lilliputt ,"This is my best friend, Becky".
The wolf turned around, she didn't want to look the two young girls in the eye, for her eyes were yellow and ofter shocked people, as if these poor girls weren't scared enough!
Lilliputt explained that the wolf was no threat to them and that Becky was friendly.The twins werent so sure and it took a while for them to trust Becky.
"In Scotland we dont have wolfs that talk", said Jenni.
Lilliputt and Becky's eyes were filled with tears because they were trying to keep there laughter in.
"No, i shouldn't think you have!", blurted out Lilliputt.
Just at that there was a very loud noise and a huge object circled there heads. "OMG!", shouted Electrogirl," Is that a ...a....spaceship?!"

06-03-2007, 19:19:44
"What is that meddling alien doing here? I told her that the spaceship is not good for my carrots and ta use that beam thingy some place further away!"
Of course you'd think that a person would react differently when a craft of another planet approaches but Lilliputt only seemed irritated. The twins nedded some time to grasp the situation. A friendly wolf, a meddling alien... well what would show up next. "Hello mother" a voice said and from the opposite direction a cat appeared from where the twin stood. "A .... talking CAT?!" both twins thought as a beam of light spread out and a green creature walked out of there.

"Greetings Earthlings", it announced and bowed clumsily.

06-03-2007, 19:29:51
"Mistery what have I told you?!, I said you landing on my carrots isn't a very good idea my dear alien!" , Lilliputt said in a tone Mistery had never heard before.
"Ohh ..I'm sorry Lilliputt", Mistery said sadly.
"Come here", Lilliputt ordered Mistery, Misery walked over to Lilliputt.
"I want you to meet my new friends, this is Jenni " Lilliputt pointed to the Robert Burns look-alike.
"Butaaaa..isn't that Rober...." Mistery started but did not manage to finish.
"And this is Electrogirl" beamed Lilliputt.
While the twins explored there new surroundings and discussed the new people as it were Lilliputt was having a quiet word with Mistery.
"Ohhh my dear alien....i have a feelin' i know those twins, and da Jenni! She is Robert Burns' spitting image!!

06-03-2007, 19:51:38
"Yes" the alien said though still a little confused at the islanders behaviour. In her studies of humans she had concluded that showing signs of sadness, put humans in a forgiving mood, but the little islander for some reason usually didn't follow any kind of known rational thinking to her knowledge. She was sure she had used the typical tone of sad voice that humans would use to achieve compassion but so far the islander seemed more interested in her studies of some other humans than their friendship. "Am I forgiven?" the alien said quietly.
"What?", Lilliputt said still occupied in thought. "Forgiven? Oh ya means da beamz. Yeah, yeah... you never learn the easiest things do ya, my dear alien. Ya always have ta go analyzin' and stuff. Now... ya got that thingy with da button that goes bzzz and then it flashes?"
This was a very interesting answer and Mistery felt she now understood that trying to analyse the little islander was a waste of time. She sighed and smiled. "Do you mean the transmodifier?" she said trying to be helpful.
"Yes", Lilliputt said and felt happy her friend understood her so well, "have you made any experiments with that on anyone of late?"

06-04-2007, 16:33:06
"No i haven't been able to do any experiments lately", sighed Mistery.
"Why whatz da matter?", questioned Lilliputt.
"I think i have caught a human infection", Mistery said.
"OMB", shouted Lilliputt and wrapped her arms around the poor alien.
At this the twins were really confused by the whole thing. Lilliputt once again had forgotten she had visiters who were not used to all this drama.
"Ohh my dear friends", she reasoned ," i very sorry for all this drama".
Lilliputt thought that nothing else could possibly have happened but who comes strolling in?
"Ohhh Hitman!!!", said Lilliputt ,"I would like you to meet my new friends,da Jenni and Electrogirl".
"Hello", smiled the panda.
"The panda talks?!", shouted Electrogirl.
"Yes my dear friend, everyone talks", laughed Lilliiputt.
"But ermm.....its a PANDA! And then theres the cat and the wolf!Not forgetting the alien!", Electrogirl seemed very confused by the whole thing, nothing ever happend like this at home.

06-04-2007, 16:53:55
Lilliputt thought that if Mistery had been infected then the pink bunny was probably somewhere around too but she thought it not a good idea to mention this infront of the twins. How do you explain in a simple way that there is a pink bunny who only people can see that are affected by the GH virus because the bunny is the SYMPTOM of the virus? So far Lilliputt had never been very good with explaining such matters.
"Dear twins", she said and made a pause because she thought it would be elegant, "why do you think that talking animals are such a big deal? You have wandered into the planet of GamersHood where animals play a very important part. Of course my friends talk. Why, they were simply not created to stay silent. You should see my partner in bloom, yes", another pause to see the reaction of the twins but they seemed to take it all in rather well, "when we are together we blossom but otherwise she is the talking ceramic figurine of the GH planet."
"Of course she is", said Jenni.
"Certainly", Electrogirl continued because these were phrases to use when in shock and nothing else seems natural to say. "Maybe we should just leave", she said and pulled Jennis arm slightly.
"No", said Lilliputt. "stay. We'll have a party to celebrate the arrival of the first twins on GamersHood planet!", she said and smiled.

06-04-2007, 17:04:18
So Lilliputt set about preparing for the party. First of all she made a carrot cake, with carrots on top.Secondly she started the invites, but she felt very weary about it, all of her friends were...not normal so to speak..they were either alien or animal. Lilliputt thought about this for a very long time and came to the cnclusion that she would invite everyone!If the twins were to come to the GamersHood Planet they had to meet everyone...i mean there was no point in keeping them all a secret now was there?
So she started to write out the invitations......Mistery..Darknight..Escape..Becky ...Hitman..Lili...Rannei.....Mitty..........
But who was to deliver all of these invitations?
"I know the person for the job" , said Lilliputt silently

06-05-2007, 18:45:32
Lilliputt thought that the tunnels of the bunny would surely be helpful however when it came to speed then her own nephew would probably be the best choice. Zox the phoenix would probably make a faster delivery, but then Lilliputt wasn’t sure if Zox would be able to stop running around once he found a member to deliver the message. It seemed most simple to just let da Dragon Express Service take care of all the invitations.
“I will have a words with my dragon friends”, Lilliputt said not noticing the reaction of the twins. “They can be grumpy at times but I think they can handle it.”
Jenni thought it was the first time she had heard anyone describing dragons as “grumpy”. It made no sense to her. Dragons after all were just mythical creatures and this old lady actually thought she knew some… or worse: TALK to them. On the other hand there the lady was standing next to a green alien and a bunch of talking animals.
“You don’t have to make any trouble on our account. We were really just leaving”, she said vaguely. She tried to step back but almost tripped on a hole behind here. It was all very confusing.
“Oh, no trouble”, Lilliputt said lightly “we’ll start the party in a few moments and everyone will gather to have fun. I’m sure of it. All you have to do now is wait for the bunny to give you a little injection before we start, yes”, she continued with a big smile.

06-05-2007, 19:27:19
Before the twins had anytime to react to this the dragons had arrived to deliver the invitations.
"Ahhh just on time ", Lilliput said as she handed the huge dragon the invites,"Now hurry up would yah".
"Would you two twins like to go a little walk until everyone is here?", asked Lilliputt.
"Yes", they smiled back.
Lilliputt, Jenni and Electrogirl set off there three-selves.
"No creatures should interrupt us, and i would like to get to know you both a bit better",Lilliputt said in a gentle voice.
"Well..", said Jenni,"As you know my name is Jenni and im 14 from a place, you probably wont know, called Scotland,it's north of the border from England", she tried to explain but Lilliputt didnt have a clue.
"Ohh i know where yah mean", she lied, to make Jenni feel better.
They got a bit carried away telling stories and weren't back until a little bit later than they expected.
Everyone that Lilliputt had invited was already here.
"Ohh hello Darknight", she said,"Wheres my smooch?".
Darknight gave her a kiss and put on his party hat as Lilliputt had ordered.It was a picture of a panda.
Lilliiputt glanced round to find Hitman wearing Darknight's party hat - it was of batman, she had got special party hats for the occassion.
"Silly panda", she joked,"You are wearing Darknight's party hat and he is wearing yours!".
She made them swap hats, and declared the party had started!!
But before it could continue she had to make a speech, "Dear fellow looney bin members,we are celebrating the arrival of the twins!", said Lilliputt,"Here we have da Jenni, and Electrogirl i want you to make them feel very welcome".
After she had finished her speech Lilliputt started to applaud herself.Everyone stared as she was the only person clapping. Her face went bright red!
"What was that injection she mentioned earlier?", Electrogirl asked Jenni.
"I don't know", replied her twin sister.

06-06-2007, 21:29:10
The guests arrived one by one and the crowd grew larger. Lilliputt blossomed with her partner, Policeman Slimy Jim and the GH:s very own FBI agent Freakshow were discussing martial arts with Rannei the ninja wannabe. Bread and Wirodeu greeted Hitman and soon enough Simply Crazy joined them. EscapeGirl the bat cat sat on her husbun Darknights shoulder and lectured their children George and Jess on how to behave with little success. Escapes sisters Doglover and Hollandgirl had a hard time keeping from laughing at their sisters funny family. Charmed1 the witch with majikyl powers was keeping her sister Murph company while their kids Zox, Heartofthedark and Mitty were playing games together. Adventure fluttered around her mother Mistery who was engaged in a conversation with her robot son sir Theme while her younger son Hyper was playing with fire. The valiant wolf of the forbidden forest Eternal Becky was there too, helping out with preparing the food while her sister Dazedncrazed kept her company by discussing cricket with her. There were many many more and all seemed so, well, loony to Jenni and her sister. Rannei spotted the sisters and came to talk to them but just then Lilliputt burtsed out “HAAAALLÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ!!” and made a very silly dance to go along with her outburst. Rannei fell over from laughter and rolled around on the open beach on Carrot Island. Suddenly an odd figure, it seemed to be a bunny turned up, all in pink with a syringe in her hand. She waved it around and soon spotted the twins who were standing all stumped staring at the pink creature. In a matter of seconds the bunny leaped ahead and soon both twins got an injection each. At first everything still seemed as odd to them but soon they followed Ranneis example and laughed rolling around in the sand of the beach. They twins had been injected by the well known GamersHood virus and were now full members in the world of GamersHood. The first Twins of GamersHood planet were welcomed by it’s loony inhabitants and the celebration lasted all night long.
The end

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