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06-15-2007, 02:15:37
Please do not post in this thread. It is an ongoing story written by Charmed1 and Lilliputt. Thank you.

The Flying Coffin and the Marbles

In the break of day Lilliputt had awoken feeling slightly empty headed. It was not uncommon for someone with Lilliputtish logic to feel this way in the very early hours of the day but this morning was not like any other. She was at a loss… for marbles. She shook her head gently but the usual rattle was not there anymore. She shook her head again a little rougher but no change. It had happened. Somehow she lost her marbles and she was almost sure she had them the other day. Had she perhaps just misplaced them? She started to search in her little hut, went trough drawers, boxes, SOCKS…. but nothing. It was a strange experience to realise the marbles where gone and she was left with an empty head. Also, her tummy started to object so at least not to feel empty all over she made herself a nice breakfast. Carrots and coffee. As she poured herself a nice warm cup there was a noise outside, it sounded like something flying by her little hut. As she went to see who it was the door slammed open and her beautiful sister Charmed1 the Witch who Misspells entered her dwelling. Lilliputt screamed her sisters name and rushed to hug her. “What are you doing here?”, she asked.

----- to be continued by Charmed1 ---->

06-15-2007, 02:24:30
Charmed hugged her sister and replied "I had a feeling that something was not right with you." And although Charmed knew this was not uncommon, she sensed a loss. As she sat down to partake in carrots and coffee, lilliput started to sob. "My marbles have left me..again!" Charmed noticed the mess in the hut and realized her sister had been looking for them for quite some time. "Don't worry dear sister, we will look for them. Let's go." As both bordered the turbo flying coffin, they knew their long quest had begun.

06-15-2007, 02:57:47
Lilliputt was never much for flying unlike her dear sister. Somehow the idea to fly in a coffin didn’t sit all that well with her. Her sisters way to reassure her didn’t help much either because she kept insisting it wasn’t a deathbed as much as an eternal commodity of sorts. “Like a very big bag”, she would add as if that somehow would make Lilliputt feel better. “Ahh”, Lilliputt would reply because she never knew what to say about it, “of course”. When both had found themselves more or less comfortable inside the coffin it started little by little to rock gently until it swooped off from the ground outside Lilliputts hut and in no time they had reached the clouds. It was not as dark as Lilliputt remembered it from the last time she had the doubtful pleasure to go for a ride in the coffin and it had that typical smell of her sister. Frog legs and fish skulls. Ingredients she would say, for her majikyl brews that always failed. She loved her sisters sense of humor but Charmeds taste for the occult was a beyond the little islanders comprehension. She gulped and checked her loose teeth as the coffin took a turn to the left and seemed to accelerate. “How do you know what way to go?”, Lilliputt asked. “Oh, I don’t”, Charmed said lightly, “I was hoping we could catch a thread by the tail and then have a lead to your marbles”. “But that doesn’t make any sense!” , Lilliputt exclaimed. “Hey””, said Charmed, “I thought you lost your marbles”. “I am starting to wonder if I am the only one”, Lilliputt said grumpingly.

----- to be continued by Charmed1 ---->

06-16-2007, 18:24:19
As the coffin ascended into the clouds, Charmed looked over the island and remembered the days when they used to just lay on the beach drinking carrot rum. It didn't matter if anybunny had marbles or not they were free. "Oh well," She thought to herself, "If lilli wants her marbles, I guess we must find them." Flying high was a sport that Charmed loved to do. Especially when it made her sister uncomfortable. But she would never tell lilli that! Suddenly, out of nowhere, something small and round whizzed by. A scream from the back of the coffin told Charmed it was one of the marbles. Lilli's excitement could not be contained and she almost stood up. Thank goodness for the satin seatbelts! The coffin started to rock so uncontrollably that some of Charmed's potions began to fall through the air heading right for the island. In the meantime, lilli was beating on her sister telling her to follow that marble. Charmed wanted to catch the potions before they landed but she knew this marble would lead to all the others. Charmed finally regained control and swooshed off to follow the marble. She wondered what would become of the little carrot island once those potions spilled. But that is another story!!