View Full Version : Family Tree Rules

Eternal Becky
06-30-2007, 00:07:12
Rules Of The Family Tree:

The family tree was created by the long term members of GamersHood. The members have asked that their families remain the way they are.

No member is under obligation to have more than one family member, as some prefer small families. They are not to be questioned if they say no.

Pressuring others to join your family or, pressuring to join another is not allowed.

No one can join any of the original families at this time. They are all closed.

Randomly adding others to your signature as a family member is not allowed.

Members who are found pressuring other members will receive only one warning. If it continues, it could lead to a temporary & later, a permanent ban, if needed.
Also, anyone found not following these rules may also face a ban.