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07-08-2007, 11:54:56
A new game from the creator of "Kaguya" and "Piano".

Play Here (http://cgi.members.interq.or.jp/piano/mac/new_sound_box/other/d_game3/index.html)

I'm sorry I haven't played this game yet, so I'm not sure if language is important in this game. :P

07-08-2007, 12:14:55
I'd say it's not, I just finished it, although it is a bit...hmm...odd. :P

Cyber Girl
07-08-2007, 14:49:57
ok i got

pink ball which i can throw, dog food and put water in the bowl can't seem to do anything else help.

07-08-2007, 15:04:13
ok i got

pink ball which i can throw, dog food and put water in the bowl can't seem to do anything else help.

go straight all the way, past the metal gate. click the wood fence and get a bone. if you go left will be a dog collar and key. use collar and key on dog and go left from where the dog originally was. use the bone on the door and get a brush. use the brush on the ghost picture on the wall.

Cyber Girl
07-08-2007, 15:08:37
duh thanks jeral diden't realise you could go beyond the gate.

07-08-2007, 17:01:42
What Bone????

Nvm - The power of posting!!

07-08-2007, 19:31:58
ummmm...I think I died...

is the object to get the dog outside? because I got him as far as the room with the ghost thing on the wall, and then I put the brush there, and the jellyfish thing killed me, I think...

okay...well, I just tried again, and I left all the lights off but one...and well, I think I died again...apparently the object is NOT to get the dog outside, but instead to electrify the jellyfish...

If you don't have all the lights on when you give the ghost thing on the wall the brush, you get some guy who seems very mad at you at the end...

07-08-2007, 19:33:55
I always figured, the goal was to electrify the jellyfish for some reason. :S

07-08-2007, 19:39:18
wonder why they even have the dog out there if that's the point of the game??? wierd

old biker
07-08-2007, 20:17:27
no brush ,think i have to start over again

07-09-2007, 02:53:44
old biker...to get the brush you have to find the pink bone outside and put it on the door that is off to the left of where the dog is at the begining

07-09-2007, 03:42:36
I have gotten three endings so far. How many are there?

07-09-2007, 13:18:24
i cant do anything with the ball or the bursh... please helpppp

07-09-2007, 16:06:07
i can't do anything with the ball or brush either. The first time I tried the game I found part of the map, but can't find it now. Please help. I don't know where to use the dog food either.

Nevermind, got the map, doesn't help me though.

07-09-2007, 16:18:22
Brush doesn't seem to be working for me either, nor can I find a use for the ball...maybe this is because the dog is still at the bowl and I can't get him to move on?

Ok finally I did it, let me replay so I can help you on...although whether this is a good ending or not I don't know!

07-09-2007, 16:28:18
There are 7 light bulbs to turn on, and the bulbs at the end with the ghosty jellyfish thing correspond to each bulb (lightbulb location in parenthesis).

1. In the first room with the dog (Left)
2. Room with Bottle and Dog Bowl (Above)
3. Room with Ball and Dog Bowl (Left)
4. Room with Dog Food and open space (Above)
5. Hallway (Above)
6. Ghosty room (Left)
7. Room with Metal Bar Door (Right)

The very last entry of the book tells you that there is an electrical jellyfish that needs electricity...
"If you turn on the right one, the path opens.
If you turn on the left one, a sad truth.
If you turn on above, time for a reunion.
You must not do something you lust for, or else you will become numb/fall asleep.
You must not do something wrong, or else the master is angry.
If it is totally dark..."

No Lights
If you turn on none of the lights, you get an ending where the light bulb guy shatters because he has no power, you are sent back to the "real" world, you hear your little sister calling your name and your dog Tarou is running to you because you had actually just dozed off.

All Lights
If you turn on all of the lights, the jellyfish bulb thing tells you that he is very strong now, and you end up with thoughts of "Who is that girl? Who am I? How is the dog doing? For some reason, I cannot forget about the girl who remains in the corner of my memory."

#7 (A path opens)
If you ONLY turn on #7 and give the ghost the brush, the ghost thing tells you that you've gone to the world of clouds and tells you about the dog and girl (sort of) and that you guys become friends. I guess that means you got sent to heaven, :P

#1, 3, 6 (A reunion)
If you turn on all 3 of these (the lights that are on the ceiling), then you get the good ending where the girl is reunited with her dog... which is you. You remember that you were electrocuted by the jellyfish but you went through this (game) so you could meet your master again.

#2, 4, 5 (A sad truth)
If you turn on all 3 of these (the lights that are on the left side of the wall), the jellyfish tells you that basically you have "fallen back to earth." You wake up in front of 2 graves as a man, having just had a bad dream that you can never forget for the rest of your life..."

#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
If you turn on ANY of those in any combination that I didn't mention before, you get the ending where the lightbulb man is angry at you and tells you that there's more to figure out lol

07-09-2007, 16:35:31
Put the food in the bowl from the room before where you can see the bowl, throw the ball in the screen after the bowl, and as someone said before, and Az says above, make sure every light is on before you get to the screen with the ghost on the wall

Also it looked to me more that we are 'charging up' the jellyfish rather than electrocuting it, but I suppose that's neither here nor there!

07-09-2007, 16:42:20
does anybody know what's that blue thingy? (in my inventory screen it is in the space under the bone)
EDIT: Nvm, it was the water...

07-09-2007, 19:29:12
Got all the items ( I think ).. What now???? Jellyfish you say? Where... Don't get it!

07-09-2007, 20:33:48
Hmm, I've played better but I wouldn't of known about the different endings if I hadn't come on here afterwards

07-09-2007, 22:43:06
Joey, the jellyfish is in the same scene as the ghosty thing on the wall, up high.

07-09-2007, 22:57:07
Thank you AzNxEvE29 for taking the time to give us all of that information. That helps a lot for those who don't speak japanese.

07-12-2007, 19:11:18
I dont find the brush, in which part of the door? I have almosta put on the bone but i dont see a thing. Pleasee help

08-07-2007, 16:21:54
Brush doesnt work on ghost for me. any ideas??

08-21-2007, 13:48:34
Brush does not work... I think I did not understand this game at all... :pcsmasher

06-12-2012, 18:46:36
....and out
Nice game :D