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07-11-2007, 13:29:51
This is a point-and-click game in Spanish. Your dog runs away when you are walking him, and you need to save him.

Play Here (Spanish Version) (http://onlinegames24.blogspot.com/2007/07/rescatar-byron.html)

Play Here (English Version) (http://www.gameshot.org/?id=1631)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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Walkthrough (http://gamershood.com/forum/showpost.php?p=421259&postcount=6)

07-11-2007, 14:43:35
Knowledge of the language is helpful, but it can be solved without translating. :)

07-11-2007, 14:44:23
Thanks for the info, Chrimson :)

07-11-2007, 16:18:08
yeah at least i've taken it for six years so i know it somewhat okay

i'm stuck what now i've fixed the bridge now what?

07-11-2007, 18:50:57
This was one funny and very easy game :haha:

07-12-2007, 02:33:56
edit:: I fixed the walkthrough. sorry guys!!

first go left away from the dog
then take the arrow pointing up and right.
take the next arrow pointing right
and then the next one accross the bridge.
talk to the gnome.
go left across the bridge and talk to the man stuffing his face.
the bridge will break
keep talking to him until there is a brawl and you kick him away.
take his mushrooms.
go left to the sign
click on the sign to take it
go back to the gnome and give him the mushroom
this will be his home or something.
after he goes into the mushroom click the mushroom
he will give you 300 euros.
then go accross the bridge
pass the mushroom stand
and the go left to the town.
then go to the arrow pointing left and talk to the woman in the store.
give her the 300 euros for the equipment.(just by clicking one the money)
then travel back to the dog
and click the equpiment.
good job! you saved your puppy dog!

07-12-2007, 03:54:27
im stuck at the broken bridge... how do you fix it?

nevermind..... very funny game and cute.

07-12-2007, 06:09:17
I can't seem to get back across the bridge from talking to the gnome without it breaking, and I have no idea how to fix it...can anyone help?

07-12-2007, 09:21:04
I can't seem to get back across the bridge from talking to the gnome without it breaking, and I have no idea how to fix it...can anyone help?

pickup the signboard and use it on bridge

07-12-2007, 09:28:09
I cannot get over bridge as well... I got the mushroom and went to different spots on the map... but still cannot fix the bridge DAMIT !!!!

EDIT: Nevermind... Got It

EDIT.... Cool Doggie..... wish my dog could do that. He is resuced !!!

07-13-2007, 02:23:20
I wish I knew more Spanish.. This game would probably make more sense to me:)

07-13-2007, 04:29:22
I dont get this. Im supposed to get money but when i click on the mushroom it says es la nueva casa del gnomo which im guessing means this is the gnomes home, BUT THAT DOESNT HELP ME

nvm. dude edit your walkthrough. Put use sign at bridge, in shop click equiptment then coins, and to get money leve when the gnome dude is in his mushroom

07-15-2007, 00:56:33
i liked it and didnt like it 2 1/2 out of 5

08-07-2007, 21:05:33
The game is now also available in English, I've added the link to the lead post :)