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01-18-2006, 14:38:08
Play here (http://web.archive.org/web/20070128064245/http://www.cannibal-escape.de/cannibalescape_neu.swf)

Escape the Room

You can play it in english or in german.
in english there are some translation mistakes... :hmm:


Eternal Becky
01-18-2006, 17:12:23
I am stuck!! I have got a shield, sword, red fluid, green fluid, got the hand from the casket and used it on the thing near the table. And then I am stuck!!

Made it ;) or maybe not? hahaha... good game

01-18-2006, 21:15:43
I`ve put the hand on the skeleton, and have shiny liquid, a shield, a sword, a stick and a wire. No clue what to do next tho`......

01-19-2006, 00:02:15
i have the stick, hand 3 liquids, a shield a sword, and now im stuck, its not letting me put the hand on the skeleton , and a wire

nvm, done the hand thingy now, but not sure wat to do next?

01-20-2006, 11:24:24
This is what i've done:
Got key from a book, picked up a green and red fluid combined gives a shiny fluid.
Picked up a stick and sword. Opend the casket with the key and got a shield and a hand.
Used the hand on the stone pedestal and moved the table to under the grate.
Clicked on the left side and a bit upward then the grate to get an other flask (potion of hades) and a hidden wire.

Used the wire and stick to get a hook. Used the hook on the hole to get a cork
Click again on the hole to get a shrine. Click on the schrine for a close-up
Use shield and then sword on the schrine to get a skeleton head.

Thats as far as i get.
Though I can't get the hand connected to the skeleton.
How did you do it?

01-20-2006, 11:35:09
you need to put the hades potion on the hand first,wheres the hook?

01-20-2006, 11:40:12
Combine the wire with the stick to get the hook.

But still stuck :)

01-20-2006, 11:46:36
yeah done that have u got the shrine up, if not drag the hook towards the hole in the floor and a shrine will appear

got a skull but now stuck!

01-20-2006, 11:50:46
I'm out. :D

But won't tell (yet) ;)

01-20-2006, 11:52:49
mm, thanks alot

i know have a fuse for a cannon, but stuck once again!

whahooo im out!

01-20-2006, 11:57:39
drag the head to the hand of the skeleton and get a fuse.
combine the fuse with the cork and combine this with the flask.
ignite the flask with the candles besides the casket and drag it to the shelves.
BOOM you're out (or not)

It took me to long to write it apperantly ;)

01-20-2006, 15:09:36
how can i move the table? I can't move it. please help.

01-20-2006, 18:02:06
just click the right leg at the bottom

Eternal Becky
01-20-2006, 19:26:56
Get the rusty sword on the wall and the stick that is on the ground.
Get the green fluid and red fluid from the rack.
Click the first book on the right hand side(third shelf from the bottom right) and get the key.
Drag the key to the casket. Get the knightshield and hand.
Drag the hand to the thing which has a message written on it, then it will disappear.
Move the table by clicking on the right leg of the table.
Take the potion bottle(the potion of hades) and the wire that is on the wall beside the window.
Combine the green fluid and the red fluid.
Combine the potion of hades and the hand of the skeleton. It will put new life into the hand.
Combine the wire and the stick, it will make a hook.
Drag the hand to the skeleton and it will get attached.
Drag the hook to the hole on the ground which was under the table. You will get a cork.
Click on the hole again and a Shrine will raise from below.
Click on the shrine. Drag the knightshield and then the sword to the Shrine. You will get a skull.
Drag the skull to the hand of the skeleton and you will get a fuse for a cannon.
Combine the fuse and the cork and put it on the potion bottle and drag the explosive to the candle stand that is near the casket.
Drag the lit explosive to the rack. It will explode and make a passageway. Click on the passage.
You got it.. or maybe not? ;)

01-20-2006, 21:18:52
thanks for the help. i was stuk at the table. But now I got it, ...or maybe not :D

01-23-2006, 09:19:29
You got it! Maybe not?! Whats that mean?! I'm that dead guy? weird but great game! Still confused! :what:

01-23-2006, 15:15:40
Well That was a good game,Need to do another one!!SOON

01-24-2006, 02:49:51
huh it won't let me put the hand or head on the skeleton

never mind i finded it

lol i get it or maybe not

02-02-2006, 01:41:18
yippeee!!! i made it...

03-12-2006, 18:05:14
A brilliant game! Which made me waste a good sunday afternoon...

03-12-2006, 20:03:40
hey guys im confused the link on this thread must be wrong because it leads to game called this is the last minute? and there are no skeletons here.

oh dont worry found it on the right unde more games, sorry

good game confusing ending, thanx for walkthrough becky.x

jack black
03-14-2006, 10:51:23
what's with the dots

03-14-2006, 19:38:39
ysy finished!, like last... :pom:

04-02-2006, 23:52:43
I got the fuse burning Where do i go now?

04-17-2006, 17:26:12
use the bomb/ explosive on the book case.

04-18-2006, 00:41:32
fun game

im out but i already did the game cool...nice touch

manchester gal
05-07-2006, 16:01:17
we did it in 2 mins flat joke thanks for the help!!!! xxxx

Me again!
05-21-2006, 12:16:55
I CANNOT find the wire. Driving me mad! Can anybody be a bit more specific?

05-21-2006, 12:24:44
I think the walkthrough in post # 14 is pretty specific - or have you already seen it?

07-14-2006, 16:01:10
i got it but i really dont like the ending
also the music was good.....

07-15-2006, 04:09:34
that's all i get is a maybe? show me some kind of ending, good or bad!! :p

07-22-2006, 02:11:30
Wow that was kinda bad...there's probably a sequel though

07-31-2006, 01:12:33
Wierd ending :P

08-10-2006, 10:40:14
it's a perrrrrfect game!!!i never solved this without ur helps,i'm not very well in english but happy that register here:)

08-11-2006, 11:02:18
Very good game.Thanks for the walkthrough Eternal Becky.It helped a lot.

09-02-2006, 20:53:39
Great Game Great Music!!!!!!

09-24-2006, 19:45:36
nice....the walkthrough, helped me out big time thanks...:)

10-31-2006, 16:55:40
Boaring........... Nothing exp at the end.

05-19-2007, 21:38:39
Connect the head with the hand.
Not the neck.

05-20-2007, 03:08:19
howdo youget the key in the sink ?

03-11-2008, 22:44:49
doesn't come up for me .. maybe no longer there?

03-12-2008, 19:57:28
same here
*sigh* it looked like a good game

03-12-2008, 20:44:49
Yes, it seems that it is gone. And unfortunately I haven't found any working link :(

03-13-2008, 00:01:27
I added a working link to the first post. I believe it should work now.

03-13-2008, 02:04:43
worked no problems here.

05-05-2008, 01:35:27
Good game :)

05-06-2008, 14:29:28
Loved this game.. was fun