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01-22-2006, 19:37:05
Funbrain arcade (http://www.funbrain.com/brain/JustForFunBrain/Games/GameHC.html?GameName=PenguinDrop&Brain=justforfun&Gender=M&Grade=5&Language=en_us&GameNumber=1&Color=4FB9FF&OldPassword=MOUSE1&Password=MOUSE1&HardCoded=true)

play lots of games and get to the finish!

01-16-2012, 13:14:00
Funbrain (http://thefunbrainblog.com/) can be considered as a powerful tool to make your child learn in an efficient manner. Most of the parents think of limiting computer time and put their kids in some other activities. These games not only make your child learn, but also are good for your child’s health. The main advantage of these games is – the games reduce stress and improve concentration. The games are not so easy to play. They need a lot of concentration and one need to put all efforts to solve a puzzle. The site is very colourful and the games are neatly listed under different categories. Some of the loving games in the site are – Callahan Cousins, Diary of a wimpy kid, on the rocks, etc.