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08-30-2007, 19:10:59
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It was an beautifull day at the sea of Khnoledge and the Tabby Cat was just waking up. Their captain Suzy aka Faya Sparrow was standing proud next to the ships wheel and looking at the crew. They all looked so hard working. Then she looked at her treasure map. "Turn west!" she said to her second hand mitty. She turned west and the captain looked at her compass."Too bad it isn't like Jack Sparrow's magic compass!" she said to herself and closed it. She called her first hand Zillah and asked: "Are we close yet, sis? I don't understand anything from this weird map!" Her first hand sister looked at the map, then she looked at the compass and happily said: "Only two more days till we get rich!" Out of the ship's spa salon was walking the repairman Themolestarted. He just fixed a hole in the mud bath, caused be the captain being a little drunk of carrot rum.
Everything went well and it looked like another ordinary day. But suddenly the ship made a big crash! "What's happening?!" screamed Carmit the rum guard from bellow the deck. "I have no idea!" said Invincible with fear on his face. Out of nowhere a gian octopus leg or something showed up in the ski! "What IS this thing?" wondered all of the crew. "The Kracken!" said the captain with sweat on her face. No one from the crew knew what to do! "Watch out!" screamed Themolestarted at Zillah. The Kracken made a big hole at the ship! "I'm working on it!" said the repairman. "Now what would Will Turner do in this kinda situation" asked herself Suzy. "AH HA!" screamed she.

I think it's ur turn Mole!:)

08-30-2007, 19:50:14
The kracken was attacking. It was huge.The captain said quick put all the cannon balls and rum into a net and gave a pistol to zillah and told when she yelled now to fire at the net. Then she jumped on top of the net and began to get the krackens attension. Then she yelled now but zillah was afraid she would hit her sister. Themolestarted grabbed the gun and fired at the net. Suzy managed to jump out of the way just in time and the net exploded. The smoke cleard and the kracken was still standing(or should I say swimming)
The captain yelled you have to use mole magic.Themolestarted replied"but you forbideded me from using it".The captain said"Just use it".
So themolestarted pointed at the kracken and sparks flew out of his fingers."TRACK SEVEN"yelled themolestarted and light girly music played"I SAID TRACK SEVEN" yelled themolesrated""sorry" said an odd voice and the pirates of the carribean music played.The kracken screamed and fell.But so did themolestarted.The crew ran over to congradulate themolestarted but found him lying there with no energy left.
Your go suzy:)

08-30-2007, 20:09:57
Part 3

The captain told everyone to stay out of her way! She took the poor dying mole in her hands and karried him to the spa salon. Everyone was curious on what did she have in mind. "Is the mud bath fixed?" she asked her first hand. "Yes, captain! But why do you need a mud bath in a time like this,sis?" wondered zillah. "It's not for me! Turn it on!" she said impatiently. Her second hand tuned on the mud and Faya Sparrow dumped Themolestarted in the bath. "It didn't work!" said Invincible sadly. "I have another idea!" said the captain. "Sis? Do we have just a LITTLE rum left?" she asked the rum guard. "I'm sorry sis! You told me to put all of it in the net!" answered Carmit. "What now?" asked Mitty the desperate captain. "Where is Mole's room?" she asked her first hand. Zillah pointed Mole's little room. "Wait here!" said Faya and runned to Themolestarted's room. After a few minutes she came back with alot of bottles filled with something orange. "OK. Give this to him!" said the captain to her second hand. Mitty gave the poor mole the strange liquid and strangly he woke up! "Baa...uhhh...umm..." said the repairman. All of the crew gave him a big warm group hug. Then the captain went outside. Her first hand followed her. "What did you give him?" zillah asked curiously. "His new invention- carrot vodka!" answered the captain.
The ship continued on it's quest like nothing happened.

The end...WAIT! This isn't "The end"! It's just the beginning!

09-03-2007, 16:00:10
One bright,sunny day the Tabby cat was along and everyone on it was in good mood.The reason for that was that they were nearing the treusure island we had been talking about for ages.The captain SuzyE730 was happily steering the ship.Then she said"We are nearing the treusure Island" Then the sky began to darken and a storm began.A fork of lightning flew down and hit th repair man themolestarted.He made this face :@ and said"OI I'VE ALREADY HAD THE ENERGY SAPPED OUT OF ME AND THIS WAS NOT IN THE SCRIPT" Then the captain said "HEY KNOWONE TOLD ME THE TREUSURE ISLAND WAS DARKNESS ISLAND"and also went:@ They sailed into a small cove and the adventure began.
Your go Sis:):D

09-03-2007, 16:19:29
Part two

The ship was approaching Darkness island but suddenly some giant octopus leg thing came out from the water! "Again?!" said mitty. "ATTENCION! island guarded by kracken! Danger for lives! And if ya still wana enter-the kracken has a weakness ta ROFL bombs!" read the captain out loud. "ROFL bombs?!...WE COUD'VE JUST USED ROFL BOMBS AND WE USED DA POOR MOLE!?" screamed Suzy. "OK here's the plan!" said tha captain. "I'm not gonna use my mole magic anymore!" said Themole. "...DIDN'T YOU GET ANYTHING FROM WHAT I SAID A FEW SECS AGO?!" screamed Faya Sparrow (Suzy). In that time the kracken made a giant hole in the ship. "Mole!" said the captain "I know my job!" answered Mole and went fixing the big hole. "OK so..PUT ALL OF THE ROFL BOMBS IN THE CANNONS AND FIRE EM!" ordered Suzy to the whole crew. Everyone started working and when the cannons were ready the captain said: "FIREEEEEEEEEEE!" The kracken got hit from the ROFL bombs and fell into the water. "HURRY! GO! GO! GO!" screamed the captain and the ship continued on it's quest.

Me thinks I'm dona Mole!:) You go!:D

09-03-2007, 18:39:48
sorry for the delay had to go out for a while:)

The ship landed on the Island and the captain said"I once heard that most of the treusure on darkness island is near the middle.I also heard that when you go inthrough the kracken cove we need to fight through 4 cavens full of tresure to find the ultimate tresure cave with gallons of carrot rum tons of gold."So they set off to get the tresure. They walked through a lot of caverns before they got to the first tresure cave.When they did get there they saw gold everywhere. Then they saw the zombies guarding it. The captain and themolestarted stepped forward and killed them.The captain was doing a rihanna dance to celebrate"THERE IS A TIME A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING THS IS NOT IT"yelled themolestarted angriy and they walked on into the next chamber and saw 3 spinxes the first one said "what has a shawdow as big as an elephant but weighs nothing?""Your mum"said themolestarted and killed it.The second sphinx said "I will now ask you a riddle"Themolestarted said"I'll listen to this one"the sphinx said"this is the hardest riddle ever"Themolestarted killed it"answer my riddle and..."NO"said themolestarted and killed it.They walked on to the next chamber and found a lot of mutant bananas.The captain sliced them.Then they walked into the main treusure cave and saw....Your go again Suzy:):D

09-03-2007, 19:39:13
Part 4

...ern...THREE HUGE GIANT LIZARDS! "Let's make em ROFL!" said Themolestarted. The crew threw three big ROFL bombs, fit for three big lizards and then...BOOM!...after the smoke cleared up they saw that the lizards are still on their feet! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" a lizard caught zillah! "SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!" screamed Suzy. Then she jumped on da lizards back, got out her sword....and...and....SLASHED IT! But nothing happened! The lizard's skin was so fat that he didn't feel anything! Then another lizard caught mitty! "It looks like this is The End!" started thinking the whole crew. "well....I guess this IS the end...so..." said the captain and started dancing RIHANNA STYLE with her sword. But the lizards stared at her and left da poor crew members alone. Everyone gave a :o look at the still dancing captain. "What?...WHAT?...WHAAAAAAAAT?" screamed Suzy but she stopped dancing and the lizards started attacking again. "DANCE!!!" screamed the entire crew. "Looks like you FINALLY saw how good my dancing is!" said Suzy whit pride. "Look...JUST DO IT!" screamed Themolestarted to her and she danced like NEVER bafore! "GO!" said the repairman and the whole crew went running to a big door. "What about me?!" screamed Suzy after them. "You...just keep dancing there!" said da mole to her. "OK...Under my umbrella-ela-ela-eh-eh-eh!". When the crew entered the door they saw the head vampire! "It's....it's...Darknight?!" wondered Mole. "OH...ello mateys!" said the vampire friendly. "Look! we've been sailing for days...defeated TWO krackens...killed some zombies and whatever you call it...Suzy's entertaining three lizards so don't give us da friendly look!" said the angered mole. "OK.OK. I see you found the four treasure chests. Here. Take this big one! It's four times treasuryer than the other four together!" The crew took the treasure and ran off. Darknight came with them cause he was a part of the crew too. They found Suzy still dancing "ela-el-eh-eh-EEEEEH!" They took da poor captain with them and ran off. But while they were running they didn't notice that Seth ran off and he bit Suzy! "AAAAAAAAAAH! RUN! RUN!" said she. When they got to the ship the captain called her pet. "Garfield!" Garfield bit his owner and she got back to normall. "BETTER!" said she. They were just leaving the island and they bumped. "AHHHH!" The treasure fell off the ship! "NOOOOO!" screamed da mole. "WAIT! There's one left" pointed Suzy. "ooooooooh..." said Heartofthedark. "This is the one full of rum!" "well....atleast we have rum now!" thought Suzy.
When the ship was farr out in the open sea Heartofthedark looked behing them. He saw the kracken! "Thanks, Bob! They think they can have all of MY treasure,eh? Well...THEY CAN'T!" thought he. The ship continued in open sea.

Yea! Yea! You know- it's STILL the beggining, not "The End"

10-27-2007, 17:15:55
One day the crew of the tabby cat were sailing along(in the tabby cat for those who din't figure that out) and they saw another ship on the horizon. The captain looked though her telscope and say pirates that looked stong bur VERY, VERY stupid.
Wannabe pirates:@
said the captain. Terrible pirates that attack real pirates in a vain attempt to become good pirates.
WE HAVE A BATTLE COMING I CAN FEEL IT! said themolestarted,the repairman.
minutes later, the battle began.
The captain quickly boarded the ship and began to fight. There was then a cannon blast from the wannabe's ship that was so bad the shot missed by a mile. but it gave the mole an idea:light: He jumped into a cannon and fired himself onto the other ship(chuckling at the name of the ship as he went) where he fought 5 pirates at once. then other wannabees ganed up on him and pinned him against a wall.Any last words said a wannabe.
Well firstly nice name for your ship was it the flying rump? Or was the plywood too rougth for me to read?(with great smarm)
And secondly....he said (after all the roars of rage fell down)
You wouldent happen to know what you're doing and who sent you hear would you?

10-27-2007, 17:45:12
Part 2

In that time the others still weren't noticing that the Mole was on the other ship. "FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Screamed Suzy and by that time all of the Tabby Cat's cannons were shooting. The "Cappy-tan" grabbed a rope and said "Don't wait for me!" and jumped to the enemy ship. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIII HABUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Screamed she without even knowing what did that means and then "OUCH!". Suzy hit in the ship's wall but she quickly climbed up to the ship. Then she, like the mole, was surrounded by pirate wannabes. "MOLE?!?!?!" "SUZY?!?!?!?" "What AAAAARE ya dong?" Suzy asked her Mole bro. "I'm beatin up some pirates! What are YOU doing?" said the mole, while he and his sister Suzy were still fighting the pirates. "I'm taking they're treasure!" answered the cappy-tan, while STILL fighting. "TREASURE?!" wondered the mole. "YES, treasure!" said Suzy, "But I can't get it with these pirate wannabes coming in!". "Well..." started thinking the Mole, "What do you expect ME to do?!", "USE YOUR MOLE MAGIC!!!" screamed da cat-pirate. "But you said that we can use only pirate magic" wondered da Mole. "I think that I can arrange it being pirateish! After all, you DO say you're a mole PIRATE!" answered Suzy, while STILL beatin up pirate wannabes. "Well...ok..." said the Mole and casted a spell, which bringed a HUGE mole army. "YEA!" screamed Suzy and in a traditional cat style got into the treasure chamber, not noticing that the ship was sinking.
In that time the crew was wondering what to do. "Let's wait for them!" Said Mole's, Suzy's, Zillah's and Carmit's mom - Nefertiti. "No." answered Party_4_ever, they're dad. "Suzy DID say not to wait for her!" said he. "But we can't leave them!" said the rest of the crew. "I didn't say we'd leave them!" answered Party. "FIRE THE CANNONS!!!!" screamed he!

Finish the story Mole!:D

10-27-2007, 18:51:29

the cannon balls flew into the other ship and made it sink faster.
The mole said"time to think fast." Then quickly cast a pirate spell and the ship stoped sinking "INTO THE CANNONS"yelled moley.So everyone exept the wannabees got into a cannon and lit the fuses then mole climbed into a cannon with a lot of other moles just as it went off.They all flew onto the tabby cat and the mole was almost crushed by the treausure chest.
Later they were sailing away from the unconscious wannabee who was stranded on darkness island with"SLAVE OF HEARTOFTHEDARK" written on his head in big bold letters


03-22-2008, 13:22:36
CP vs. KoL

Another day on the Tabby Cat ... which was docked! "Is Suzy still in the GH Hotel?" asked an anonymous crew member. "Yup! She's still playing Club Penguin!" said another. "Da Mole too!" "No he's playing Kingdom of Loating or something" "What are we gonna do? There's treasure to find and islands to explore!" "And we can't do it without the cappy-tan and the repairman!"
But suddenly Suzy appeared dressed VERY strangely. "Hey guys! Do you like my new penguin costume? I ordered it online from CP! Cool huh?" and right after her appeared da Mole: "Not as cool as my biomechanical crimborg leg armour and biomechanical crimborg helmet!" 'Seriously you two are too addicted to all these RPGs!" said zillah, but Suzy and da Mole were too busy arguig about which is better.

Your turn Mole!:D

03-22-2008, 13:50:18
The Captain and da mole ran onto the ship very fast to avoid further shouting(suzy even forgot she was the cappy-tan)They both went to their cabins where they had laptops to play the games. The next day they had spent over $800 on stuff from the KoL and CP shops
Cappy-tans turn now;)

03-22-2008, 14:11:14
"WHAT DID YOU DOOOOO?!!!" yelled nefertiti. "THAT'S IT! YOU'RE BOTH GROUNDED! NO RPGS FOR A YEAR!" But then Suzy and da Mole started arguing again. Da cat-pirate threw a snowball, similar to those in Club Penguin at Da Mole. "That all you can do? In KoL we have much more powerful weapons like the C.B.F.G(crimborg biomechanical fragging gun) which..." "Is soooo boring!" said Suzy. They just kept screaming and screaming. "What do we do" whispered the whole crew. "They're always screaming and they've lost all of our money on this!" Da poor crew didn't know what to do. But suddenly ~virgo~ (formally known as Carmit) said:

Ur turn my dear Mole:D

03-22-2008, 14:19:15
"we have to get them off those games"
And I only know one way how"
We will block their accounts
So the crew hacked into the CP and KoL servers and blocked the mole and the captains
Account and then stoped them from making new ones by blocking emails from the games
One day later the ship was peacfull and the addictions had stoped
Bring it home suzy!

03-22-2008, 14:40:37
...until Suzy and Da Mole found out! "IIIIII KEEEEEEEEEEELL YOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Suzy, while swinging her wooden sword. "I AM GONNA GET MY MOLE ARMY FOR THIS!!!!" screamed Da Mole. "um....ehh.... Suzy....Mole .... WANT SOME COOKIES?" said Invincible. Suzy and Da Mole ran to get the cookie and completely forgot about CP and KoL.

The End lol:P

04-15-2008, 14:30:02
One day on the sea of knowledge the crew of the tabby cat could hear the peacful sound of Green day and Linkin Park blaring through amplifies drums and microphones"We have to stop that awful noise said zillah"Then invinsable ran in Suzy and Da Mole have arranged a contest between their bands."he said"The colony which is the moles band(who will play green day)and the felines who are the cat band(Playing linkin park).They want me,zillah and carmit to be the judges.So,that night the moles band put on their olinve converses,denim jeans and green tie die T-shirts and suzys band put on whatever they wanted to wear.The instruments were ready and the stage was set,"It's american idiot time"said the mole
Now It's Suzy time;)

04-15-2008, 14:58:33
Part Two

"It's PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME, PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!!!!" screamed da cat pirate wearing very strange clothes. "ok ok! I'll stop!...eventually.... PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!" screamed the now hyper cat-pirate. She called out her feline friends and they got their instruments. "Ready?" asked Suzy. "ye...WAIT! ...we are all girls... Linkin Park is a boy band!" said one of the cats confused. "Oh well we'll just have to sing a little more roughly!" Explained the cappy-tan. "Hey! HEY! Narrator! How many times do I have to tell you DO NOT CALL ME CAPPY-TAN!!!!!!" ok ok. Calm down! Sheesh! The cats went on stage and all the judges made a "O_O'" face. "...What are you wearing Suzy?" Asked zillah calmly. "Rock gear! ^_^" Said Suzy proudly. Then the felines started to play "Faint" by Linkin Park. Suzy of course was the main singer and the one playing a guitar. There were 3 other cats with her. One also had a guitar and was a singer too, one was on the drums and one played piano. "We don't need a piano but she wanted to join really badly -_-' " thought Suzy before starting. They started to play a really nice tune and the cat on a guitar started to sing. Surprisingly she turned out to be a very good boy-singer. After a few seconds Suzy started to sing (or scream):
I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me I won't be ignored
They finished their song and the judges were like "O.o" because they never heard girl cats singing a boy human song.

I dunno what song will da Moles sing so I'll stop here!:P

04-15-2008, 15:13:25

Then The mole came on stage wearing what he had just put on.He positioned himself in front of the micrphone with his black electric guitar the other moles stood behind their insruments.
.................................................. ...................
When the mole had finished his song the judges began to declare the verdict
"We declare.......................A TIE"said zillah
"A TIE"Said suzy and the mole.
Then they walked off to their cabins and the remaining band members went home.
And the ship was quiet at last.THE END(will come)
It may be the end of this story but more will cccccoooooooooommmmmmmeee
(said the mole as he was pushed away be invisible hands