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02-09-2006, 04:22:27
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Unification Wars
A sci-fi theme Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Inspired by Star Wars Trilogy, Star Trek & other space strategy games Goal: Enslave the universe

Background Story
The year is 11,000 AD - 1000 years after the collapse of the United World Council (UWC). The UWC used to govern the universe, keeping it safe for all species. Alliances and agreements were made to keep the peace and harmony in the universe. Forces from different species would stand together to maintain peace and ensure all enjoyed mutual benefits. The universe, at that time, was comprised of peace loving empires from all species known. There were no major wars between species.

However as it is by nature, there are certain empires in which greed for more power and wealth overcame their peaceful nature. They began to attack weaker empires illegally. The UWC's fleets of multi-species forced these empires to the outer region of the universe. Being furious about isolation, all these powerful and wealthy empires teamed up to overthrow the United World Council. Being war-crazy empires, they did have better war strategies. After series of bloody wars, they managed to kill all the UWC leaders and threaten to do the same to any new leaders.

Without proper governance of the universe, all intelligent species in the universe slowly became enslaved by greed and lust for power and it materialized into constant struggles between various empires exploding into an all out war. Even peace loving empires were forced to go into war to ensure survival.

Now, all awaits the Ultimate Empire to come forward in an attempt to unify all the shattered empires throughout the universe. To ensure peace returns to the galaxies, one empire must now emerge master of all others.

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02-18-2006, 04:40:41
there wiil be a deathmatch in Apirl.Lots of prizes and cash to be won!