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02-09-2006, 21:11:44
(Room Escape) This is the second in the series, where you must escape Mog's house once again!

PLAY HERE! (http://gamershood.com/game.php?id=892)

Please use spoilers to give hints:
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02-09-2006, 21:52:11
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee First

02-09-2006, 21:56:14
$%&^^* - shouldn'ta spent so much time on MogHouse 1, or I would've been first here too....

02-09-2006, 22:21:35
First one was weird. NOW THIS ONE?

omg u have to collect food and cook them? :S this is some weird stuff.

02-09-2006, 22:58:22
how far have yall gotten? i have the cooked fish, apple pie or bread, a salad, a gift and a map or something.

and i found that if you go the door and click above it you can look over and click right in the middle but i dont know whats suppose to be there.

Jenny uk
02-09-2006, 23:05:54
ty that may help

02-09-2006, 23:08:24
i found another key! if you go to the angle that shows the foot of the bed and the dresser, wait for a lil sparkle and it will be a key, use it on the dresser next to that bed and it will be a bottle of something.

Jenny uk
02-09-2006, 23:10:48
ive got a map, a salad, a green pot, a pie, a present, knives and forks, and a fish. anyone got any further?

02-09-2006, 23:11:25
anyone know what to do?

whered you get the pot and silverware?

Jenny uk
02-09-2006, 23:13:33
the green pot is the bottle thing i think u just got

02-09-2006, 23:14:11
I have a cooked fish and "applepie" a "gift" some green thingy and a picture (i think). Anybody know what to do next?

02-09-2006, 23:14:17
if you go to the side view of the fish tanks and click near the top abobvve the xmas tree you see a lamp and you get a rice ball form it

02-09-2006, 23:14:35
ooh another one.....

Jenny uk
02-09-2006, 23:14:49
the silverware was, if you go to the silver thing behing the right sie of the table and then click left. it is on te table from that view

02-09-2006, 23:14:57
I'm out !!!!

Jenny uk
02-09-2006, 23:16:02
ta 4 the rice ball

02-09-2006, 23:16:04
how do u make it apple pie, i only have an apple

Jenny uk
02-09-2006, 23:16:55
i just got out after getting the rice ball

02-09-2006, 23:22:07
Me to. You will have many items left that you never used. I think the riseboll was the last ting you HAVE to have befor you got out. (excuse my bad english) :) ;) :P :angel: :rose:

02-09-2006, 23:25:18
im having a mare getting around this one

i have an apple too- not apple pie heeelp!

02-09-2006, 23:26:38
got the riceball- thanks

02-09-2006, 23:33:23
completed!!!!!!!! not sure how just kept clicking

02-09-2006, 23:55:08
where do you find the salad plate?

02-10-2006, 00:13:01
humnmnm... there are 2 tings missong for me, the 2nd slot and 4th slot is empty... someone know what and where are they?

finished without yours helps... ??

02-10-2006, 01:00:35
I've got a brown thing, a magnifying glass, an apple, a green bottle, a present, silverware, a rice ball, a salad plate and a picture. My 4th slot is empty, any help?

02-10-2006, 01:06:06
get the fish from the aquariam. where did you get the salad plate

02-10-2006, 01:07:14
One of the little tree things, I think. Ah, got the fish. Thanks.

No, I remember. It's under one of the ink pots on the desk, you have to click and drag it.

Okay, cooked it into apple pie. Now what?

02-10-2006, 01:11:40
got the salad. thanks

02-10-2006, 01:12:02
Oh, duh. I'm out.

02-10-2006, 01:53:21
what other than the apple do i need to make the apple pie?

ok nvm on da pie got it those keys blend in really well....

02-10-2006, 02:06:10
can somebody help me plz I've got the burnt fish burnt pie gift rice ball utensils salad and some color full picture. What else do I need to get out of this room????

I found the a key by the bed.

02-10-2006, 03:04:37
ok here we go again a word of warning the keys are very well hidden

1)hello wierd flying thing
2)go to wierd plant thingy near the fish tank click on it and grab key
3)go to dresser by haystack (to ther right) and click on the right draw under the long one to get net
4)go to haystack and click on sparkly bit to get key thing
5)next go to writing desk (by the fish tank and click and drag left ink well to get a plate
6)go to dresser where you got net and click on werd plant thing to get next key
7)next go to table one click left to get cutlerry
next go to dresser by hanging rug (in front of bed) and click middle draw to get gift
8)next go to dressers with fish tanks on top and middle left gets you the pie pastry
9)next go to bed and click on it to get close up and grab key (its on the bedstead at the foot of the bed)
10)go back to fish tank dresser and open top right draw to get apple
11)go to fire and click to make apple pie
12)go to table wher you got cuttlery and click on picture on wall to get paper thing
13)next go to plant thing near picture frame and table and click to get key (its in the pot)
14)go to small dresser to the right of haystack and click bottom draw to get meat
15)next go to fish tank and click on smallest fish
16)go to fire click to cook fish
17)now go to door and go left once you should see the edge of fish tanks and christmas tree behind two chests
18)click the top of screen
19)click on light to get rice ball (on your head if the sound fx are anything to go by)
20)go to view of bed from the base (one click right of fire) and click on base of wall between bed and hanging rug
21)collect key from stand
22)go to dresser in front of hanging rug and click on top draw to get drink
23)click on door to win and watch wierd flying thing go to different places in the room

hope it helps ;) xxx

can somebody help me plz I've got the burnt fish burnt pie gift rice ball utensils salad and some color full picture. What else do I need to get out of this room????

you need to get the drink mate read my walkthrough to explain how (bullet points 20 to 22) hope that helps ya

02-10-2006, 03:41:01
I have everything still can't get out of the room...what is wrong???Help pls

Where is the key for the meat??I looked at the plantcould find it.Anyone knows??

02-10-2006, 17:11:11
my soup keeps spaying out of the pipes help! :'(

02-10-2006, 18:06:06
I still cant figure out where the cutlery is?

never mind im out

02-10-2006, 18:17:12
my soup keeps spaying out of the pipes help! :'(
oops, wrong game! :-?

02-10-2006, 19:02:16
where do you find the salad plate?

is it that thing under the first ink pot on writing desk?

oops, wrong game! :-?
lmao im guessing yes! lol

02-10-2006, 19:06:53
uhm..?i'm in front of the door,but the game is blocked!!!!Oh, no....why?Anybody knows?Escuse me for the bad english

02-14-2006, 17:55:30
This Is Soooo Easy....all U Have To Do Is Click "everywhere!"...and, Trust Me, U'll Get Out...no Imagination, This Here Game....it's Surely No "escape The Room"...more Like...just "point And Click"....u Don't Combine Anything....just Click, Click, Click...sorry, But It Sux Badly.

02-14-2006, 19:03:05
But I can't find that key for meat. Everything else was quite easy. I really want to get out!!!

Nevermind, I didn't notice, that I already had found all stuff... I'm out!

02-16-2006, 22:37:54
right clik nd press play till you exit

02-25-2006, 12:15:09
stupid game! made me hungry!

12-06-2006, 13:18:31
yeah, I did it!

but don't remember how.... :(

06-16-2007, 05:39:13
Turn left twice. Click on desk where it zooms in on it you see two ink things there move the first one you get some kind of thing there dont know exactly what it is lol. Anyways. After that.Click on the plant looking thing right beside that desk and get a key.Click left once and click on bed Zoom in on bed there is a key on the bed. On the back of the bed.Click left twice. you should be facing a hay stack. You will eventually if you watch it long enough see something shining in the hay click on that and get Some sort of weird key.Go left once click on the dresser that has the lamp on it click the bottom drawer you should get a magnify glass. Then Click on the tree thing get another key Turn left once click on pic on the wall to make it zoom in then click the middle of the picture again and you get some sort of paper thing i think thats what it is lol just know its colorful so im guessing its a piece of paper.Click the tree thing near the pic on the floor next to the table get another key. Turn left again.twice you should see some chests. go left again and click on the dressers on the far right the dressers after you click on them should have an aquariam of some sort on top of them. I forgot which drawers to click but click them all two of them gives you something one gives you an apple and the other gives you something that looks like a potato. lol After you do that click left again you should be back where you were right before you clicked the dressers where there is a dresser in the middle and the right and one on the left click the left one. One of the drawers gives you a cube. Turn left twice click on the fire you get some sort of thing from the fire dont know what it is lol Click left twice then click the dresser to the right.then one of the drawers on the dresser get some sort of thing there too. Oh yeah not the one with the lamp on it but the one beside it just to let you know which one im talking about.go back near the bed again this time click on the bed but dont zoom in click the side of the bed to zoom in near the top area of the bed. Get a key there too. on the side. Then go back to the drawer beside the bed and click on I think the top drawer if im wrong then click on them all one of them opens you get some sort of green bulb looking thing. Go back to the fishes on top of the dresser click on the tank and click on the small lil fish and get him i dont know if you have to keep clicking him or after you get one of the items as mentioned above you get him anyways go there and click him you get the lil fish. Okay go back to the fireplace use the fishy on the fireplace you will cook him guess your finding food cause thats what alot of the stuff you get looks like lol. Have not figured out what the thing above the door you click on is i dont think it gives you anything just makes a sound but click it anyways lol might be important. Face the chests click up then click on the light an item falls down from the ceiling. Go back to the dresser with the lamp on it the one with the tree in the middle with the green ball on top aaaaanyways click on that tree then click left. You get silver ware. Then click the door and your out.

06-16-2007, 06:07:48
hot foxy could ya please use your edit button multiple posts aren't allowed in here check the rules and see. Not trying to be mean just letting you know